Snakk Media responds to mobile creative crisis with the launch of a new division Touch Create

Touch Create team with Snakk CEO (1).jpgSnakk Media has responded to the smartphone user's hunger for better brand experiences by launching a new division - Touch Create - a "true mobile-first" creative business providing a range of mobile creative services to brands, media agencies and creative shops across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Says Mark Ryan, CEO, Snakk Media Group: "Frankly, most mobile ads out there are completely uninspiring and it's inhibiting mobile media spend. We were finding more and more brands and agencies wanted our mobile creative without necessarily needing our media capabilities, so we've kicked off Touch Create to service them with pure creative."
He went on to explain that demand for mobile-first creative strategy is at an all time high, with marketers recognising that the only way to drive above-average mobile campaign results is by pairing the new breed of media technology with exceptional mobile creative.

Says Ryan: "There's really no point in cramming the same creative that's been designed for TV, billboards or a laptop into a screen that fits in your palm. It's simply not good enough. With access to touch, gyroscopic, GPS, accelerometers and other sensors on smartphones and tablets, we have much richer storytelling tools than ever before. The uniquely mobile combination of hardware, creative and content presents an enormously compelling opportunity for brands looking to go beyond simple mobile banners."

Premium brands across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia who have recently used creative from the Touch Create team include AirBnB, Adidas, Peugeot, Paypal, Lion Nathan, McDonald's and Emirates. Prior to becoming a standalone division, The Touch Create team, via Snakk Media, has delivered more than 1000 pieces of creative for mobile campaigns over the past four years.

Touch Create is headed up creatively by award-winning creative director Carlos Guedes, who joined Snakk a little over a year ago from JWT & Isobar Portugal. He leads in conjunction with well-known Sydney creative agency identities Irini Jordan in operations, and Chris Hackett in client services, both formerly of Ogilvy.

Guedes says the entertainment, auto and consumer goods industries are driving much of the innovation in mobile campaigns: "If your brand campaigns are not optimising the mobile experience for consumers from a creative standpoint, then you could be missing a significant opportunity over a competitor who is.

"With mobile campaigns, there is far more flexibility to deliver customised, engaging and immersive brand experiences. Yet research from the IAB 2015 Mobile Landscape Survey1 indicates over 40% of marketers cite poor creative as a major barrier to using mobile advertising. Touch Create addresses a strong need for creative strategy, content and execution that understands the unique nature of the mobile device and the mobile audience."

While working with Snakk, the team behind Touch Create has led several award-winning Snakk mobile campaigns. The global Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) named the Pepsi Next Taste Challenge campaign as an APAC finalist in the 2014 annual awards; while the launch of the latest release of the video game Assassin's Creed Unity was awarded a prestigious 2015 Official Webby Honoree.

Touch Create complements Snakk's portfolio of audience-targeting, geo-location and native advertising technologies, enabling the company to offer the full suite of mobile creative, content and technology services.

Click here to visit Touch Create's website.


I smell BS said:

When have you ever heard any of your friends or yourself say "I have a hunger for better brand experiences on my mobile" ?

This is the kind of delusional thinking in digital that has plagued the industry for over 10 years. I remember the howls from digital future gazers a few years ago announcing the era of mobile advertising, here to replace traditional advertising.

The reason it's had almost no impact is that people want ads on their mobile even less than on their TV. It's the ultimate channel for personal choice. Mobile ads will never win our time or attention away from Facebooking, texting or Spotify. And brands will never let their ads be the kind of entertainment they'd have to be to pull eyeballs and attention away from these things. Only Gymkhana from DC shoes has managed it. If what your'e doing isn't that good, forget it.

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That chick is hot

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Who's the angry Dad character on the left?

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