Energy Online scares off door-to-door sales people in latest campaign via Contagion

Energy Online Door to Door Salesman.jpgIn a competitive energy market, every company in New Zealand is vying for the same customers. Most providers are interruptive and disrespectful of important family time; they'll knock on people's doors, offer free power and claim the lowest prices. They need to be scared off. So, Energy Online and Contagion, the challenger brand of Genesis Energy, has done just that.

Energy Online Doorknocker.jpgIn this new campaign via Contagion, door-to-door salespeople from other energy companies are frightened away by a savvy gargoyle doorknocker.

The strategy is based on the insight that on average people spend nine minutes a year interacting with their energy provider. And they sure would prefer spending it in a fun way. So Contagion has created a series of films that give those involved approximately nine minutes of enjoyment, entertainment and sometimes a bit of a fright, while highlighting key Energy Online benefits. This unconventional approach is being launched solely online through an agile campaign including video, banners and social

Says Bridget Taylor, executive creative director, Contagion: "It's great to be involved with a brand that is not about interrupting people like traditional power companies. Instead, we're creating content that people want to engage with."

The launch video is the first in a series that illustrates that Energy Online isn't a typical energy provider. It's already had nearly one million views in under two days and has featured on the front page of UNILAD, Reddit and news sites globally.

Says Cameron Jardine, group manager new and growth business at Genesis Energy and Energy Online: "It's refreshing to work so collaboratively with an agency across all disciplines and build this brand together. We are future-focused company and needed a partner that thought the same way as we do."

Contagion began working with Energy Online ealier this year. The first stage was developing a consumer-centric strategy. This resulted in Contagion redesigning Energy Online's new website which launched in July.

Says David Goadby, retail general manager at Genesis Energy: "We've had more sign ups for online services in 15 days than we had in 15 years. We couldn't be happier with our new strategy."

Says Dean Taylor, managing director, Contagion: "Energy Online is responsible for challenging one of the largest utility segments in New Zealand, dominated by old school players. It's exciting to be part of a journey that could see the market change forever. We're thrilled to see all of our brand planning coming to life in this well rounded digital campaign."

Client: Energy Online
Client: Cameron Jardine, Group Manager New & Growth Business

Agency: Contagion
Planner: Dean Taylor
Client Partners: George Sim, Tim Brown
Creatives: Bridget Taylor, Verity Dookia
Design: Phila Lagaluga
Producer: Lauren Wethey
Media: Richard Thompson, Suzie Thompson
Social: Tom Bates

Production Partner: Augusto
Director: James Anderson
2nd Director: Jesse Griffin
Producer: Joseph McAlpine


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