Non-for-profit creative studio Agency launches new plugin to transform humanitarian crisis

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 7.19.17 am.jpgSydney creative studio Agency, a non-profit creative studio that works solely on projects that strive for social good, has launched an online extension to re-humanise the internet.

The Chrome-only extension replaces every written reference to 'illegal immigrants,' refugees' and 'asylum seekers' with the word 'human.'
Agency has released the extension after being moved by the death of Aylan Kurdi, and wanting to help people better connect with the world's biggest humanitarian crisis.

Says Murray Bunton, executive director, Agency "We, as a nation, can't be spectators to this global crisis. When you see the image of Aylan Kurdi on the beach you know that it's time to do whatever we can.

"Human beings fleeing humanitarian crises are often labelled, pre-judged and not afforded the dignity of the legal right to claim asylum.

'We are all tired of reading articles about "queue-jumpers," "boat-people" or worse "illegals,". With a simple browser extension, we have the ability to change the conversation quite literally. To re-humanise our newsfeeds."

The extension, however, is only a small step.

Says Bunton: "We really want to see a true transformation in the language used about people exercising their human right to claim asylum and fleeing from danger. That's the real conversation we need to have in Australia."

The extension is available for download at​


Worth talking about said:

Hopefully there's some kind of CTA for donations, or some kind of direction to have people contribute to real change included in the app/site.
I guess the issue is, the ppl we need to to influence aren't the people who would install this.
As stated, language is the first step, so look forward to what comes next.
Hopefully some influential work that will change perceptions. If any issue needs it, it's this. Nice one.

An agency with a heart? said:

I want to work there.

Pete said:

Get off your high horse. If they are fleeing from danger they would stop in Turkey, not risk life and limb crossing the sea and trying to reach a western European country. Terrible about that child dying but to complain that the cause was the convoluted Canadian immigration system is reprehensible.

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