P&O unveils final episode in 'The Conspicuous Awakening of Owen Wilson' series via BMF

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.03.27 am.jpgFollowing on from its latest campaign starring Hollywood actor Owen Wilson announced yesterday, P&O Cruises has launched the final part in the series 'The Conspicuous Awakening of Owen Wilson' via BMF Australia.

Bonus content including an interview with Wilson has also been released.



are u sure said:

Love the art direction, beautifully shot, get the positioning (lose yourself) - watched all three and just feel it needs a serious case of BAU and 'how to get it' ads to go full circle, if they get those elements in think it's a great campaign.

QE2 said:

I like these. But if they don't make it to TV in some form, the budget's obviously been spent on creative and production (and talent!) rather than media. Relying on people liking and sharing stuff on social isn't always going to do the job - sometimes it needs to be supported by channels that more people are going to see, and that you actually have to pay for.

Numbers said:

Oh, I don't know. 82,000 people have watched the first one on YouTube. Surely that's good value for money?

QE2 said:

@Numbers so being a new campaign, that number has probably spiked now - it will keep growing but not as quick. A few spots on TV would access hundreds of thousands (if not millions, dependent on placement). This could then direct viewers online to view the extended versions, which would grow the numbers more. Oh, I don't know, they need to work to-ge-ther. The numbers don't add up.

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