The Sunday Mail promotes new sports lift-out in new marketing campaign via Archibald Williams

The Sunday Mail TVC Shoot Johnathan Thurston.jpgThis weekend The Sunday Mail is set to launch a new 32-page sports liftout section supported by a marketing campaign via Archibald Williams, fronted by Queensland league legend Johnathan Thurston.
In addition to the new sport liftout, there will also be increased real estate, home, pets and gardening content, and a new offering on parenting from Kidspot.

The Sunday Mail Print Campaign.jpgSays Peter Gleeson, editor, The Sunday-Mail: "Sunday is a day of pleasure and relaxation for most Queenslanders and we want the paper to reflect that attitude- we love our sport and our property and spending time with our families.
"The relaunch of The Sunday Mail is 12 months in the making. It's one of the biggest over hauls we've ever embarked upon.
"Our news-breaking Sunday Mail campaign.jpgand agenda-setting journalism has never been more influential. We think the new-look paper offers more functionality, while continuing to be the best thing about a beautiful Queensland Sunday."
The content changes also make way for premium advertising opportunities, with the back page now available for the first time as a full page ad.
Says Kris Yule, general manager of sales, News Corp Queensland: "The changes to The Sunday Mail build upon many exciting announcements and sales initiatives that we have taken to the Queensland market recently.
"The new full page position on the back page of The Sunday Mail will deliver premium brands the perfect high impact position for reaching our broad Queensland audience for their advertising message in Queensland.
"We are now the only newspaper publication offering this opportunity for big brands."

To promote the sport liftout and content changes to The Sunday Mail, News Corp Queensland have engaged Queensland Origin player and North Queensland Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston as the face of the marketing campaign, created by Archibald Williams, which will run across television, digital and press for four weeks.


??? said:

I get that A/W is more a strategy than a creative shop, I do.

But how can all that strategic firepower result in an ad that is tagged with the same line they've been using for eons, and print with headlines like "Sunday just isn't Sunday without my favourite Sunday read"?

I mean, really?

Nice said:

Great stuff Matt Gilmour.

From a childrens book to a lift-out.

Love it.

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