The University of Sydney showcases its diverse alumni in new brand campaign via The Monkeys

VictorChang.jpgIt's that time of year when students contemplating their future flock to university open days to make the decision about which university will get them where they want to be. The University of Sydney has launched its new brand campaign via The Monkeys to help them make that choice.
JackManningBancroft.jpgThe campaign positions the university as the starting place for people who demonstrate and deliver 'leadership for good' and uses a plethora of visionary alumni and current students to prove it. Alumni as diverse as Victor Chang, Jack Manning Bancroft, Gough Whitlam and GoughWhitlam.jpgClover Moore will appear in street posters, cross tracks and bus placements across Sydney declaring their vision for good with an image of them in their university days. The work also extends to banners and a short film that will be pushed out through social media to drive people to a dedicated CloverMoore.jpgpage on the university website where each of the alumni's stories are told in more depth.

Says Johanna Lowe, head of marketing, communications and engagement, University of Sydney: "This campaign works in two ways: firstly defining what the University of Sydney stands for and AnneSummers.jpgsecondly inspiring future students with what they can achieve when they start their higher education at Sydney. When we started researching the stories of our alumni we were blown away by what they have individually and collectively achieved in their capacity as 'leaders for good'".
Paul Bruce, creative director at The Monkeys reinforced the campaigns ability to inspire: " 'Leadership for good starts here' uses the equity of the University of Sydney brand to inspire, resonating with our alumni as well as current and future students to instil a renewed sense of pride in being part of the university. It's the first campaign that creates a real emotional connection between past, current and future students delivering a shared vision and purpose for the university community."

The Monkeys
Chief Creative Officer: Justin Drape
Creative Director: Paul Bruce
Copywriter: Siobhan Fitzgerald
Art Director: Ben Gartland
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Art Buyer: Sally Lankshear
Broadcast Producer: Alex Gillespie
Head of Print Production: Tom Harrison
Group Content Director: Jodi McLeod
Senior Content Director: Anne Lillie
Content Manager: Rob Webb

University of Sydney
Head, Marketing, Communications and Engagement: Johanna Lowe
Head, Brand and Marketing Services: Kerry Capsanis
Project and Brand Manager: Pia McMorran


yep said:

Nice art direction and copy. Pretty good for what i assume was a tiny budget and a tough client.

Public Transport User said:

I love this campaign.

Commuter said:

I never thought I'd be inspired standing at the train station, these are wonderful.

That guy said:

I was so inspired I actually bothered to type a positive comment about these.

Well done, amazing stuff, Cannes for sure. If not Cannes, then definitely the moon.

Jeremiah said:

Take note, Club Mac.

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