Melanoma Institute Australia launches 'Stop the Spread' campaign via Disciple and JCDecaux

mel_growth[1] (1).jpgDisciple and JCDecaux have partnered with Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) on an innovative new outdoor campaign asking viewers to 'Stop the Spread' of melanoma.

The custom-built JCDecaux digital Innovate panel displays a visual representation of a melanoma tumour that slowly grows until a donation is made via PayPass Tap And Go.

The melanoma cell animation reacts to each donation by shrinking down considerably before it starts growing again. If multiple people tap and make a donation, the melanoma continues to die away until it's barely there.  

Disciple, MIA's creative agency on this project wanted to demonstrate that every dollar counts when it comes to finding a cure, helping the organisation piece another part of the melanoma puzzle together.

Says Pete Defries, art director, Disciple: "MIA is making real progress and we wanted to show how every donation gets real results in real time. Using the Tap And Go PayPass technology, we were able to do this in the simplest and quickest way possible."

Says Essie Wake, marketing director, JCDecaux: "With big innovation, comes big responsibility. We're proud to support MIA in raising awareness around an issue that affects us all through innovate Out-Of-Home media that engages and ignites action."

Says Peter Buckley, creative partner for Disciple: "Currently Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world with one person dying every six hours. As Melanoma Institute Australia is a not for profit organisation, it relies on the incredible generosity of the community to continue its vital work in preventing, diagnosing and treating melanoma.

"The good news is that 100% of the money received from this campaign goes to melanoma research, treatment and education.

"This project would not have been made possible without the time and dedication of Finch, Frame Set Match, JCDecaux, Commonwealth Bank and Nayax. A big thanks to everyone involved for providing their tech, skills, time and efforts."

The state-of-the-art digital panel will go live in the Pitt Street Mall from October 6 - October 13.

Pete Buckley - Creative Partner
Tim Brown - Creative Partner
Peter Defries  - Art Director
Alan Wilson - Copywriter
Surungi Emily Hohol - Account Director
James Arnold - Account Executive

Melanoma Institute Australia

Leah Slattery - Communications Manager
Rebecca Havas - Marketing Manager
Ariane Forsythe - Marketing Coordinator

JCDecaux Innovate

Andreas Wanda Creative Director
Dylan Neill - 3D animator
Tina Braham - Producer

Technology Partner - FINCH


vince the cleaner said:

Great idea. I think it'll work well in regards to donations and awareness.

Horrible disease.

Well done.

matta said:

Great work boys!

Dylan said:

Lovely work lads. Simple and smart. Bravo!

Clauds said:

Love this idea - and the execution is superb.

Mac said:

Wow - it's like two recent GPY&R award winners in one! Well done!

Dan said:

Awesome stuff guys. Beautiful animation work too.

Noel Smyth said:

Great idea and execution!

Archie said:

Awesome stuff. What a nice interactive way to actually get donations!

Cannes said:

Swipe to donate outdoor panels that move or light up or something are so mid 2015.

yes, but... said:

Great execution and unique idea to the client's problem, but am I the only one who sees this ripe for exploitation from card skimmers? what is the security on the pay & go terminal that it can't be replaced/reprogrammed? I for one would think twice before making a public tap & go transaction like this.

Charmer said:

Nice one Al & Pete!

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