Australian motion design studio Breeder creates opening sequence for Syfy's 'The Expanse'

EXP-Still-1.jpgAustralian motion design studio Breeder has created the opening sequence for Syfy's brand-new television show The Expanse.

Breeder, who is also credited with assisting in the creation of HBO's True Detective S1 titles, created fast-paced time-lapses of starscapes and long cityscape exposures to show that Earth is not the only home we now know. To finish the title's journey through space, Breeder designed a modern sci-fi logo that's clean and simple, and inspired by star trails. The end result is an opening sequence that's futuristic, a little bit dystopian and very space-licious.

EXP-Still-2.jpgThe Expanse has already premiered online but the full network premiere is on December 14.

Says Candace Marshall, producer: "As a team we're total space nerds and we love the challenge of anEXP-Still-4.jpg opening sequence, so creating the titles for The Expanse was the perfect job for us."

Director: Breeder
Creative Direction + Design: Joyce N. Ho
Producer: Candace Marshall
Lead Animation + Compositing: Chris Morris
Compositing: Alex Gee
EXP-TITLECARD1.jpg & Joyce N. Ho
2D Animation: Joyce N. Ho, Alex Gee & Ryan McShane
3D Animation Lead: Brad Coomber
3D Animation: Alex Gee & Chris Morris
Edit + Colour: Alex Gee
Additional Design: Ryan McShane 


pleasedont said:

as a fan of the books, I'm PRAYING Sci-fi doesn't mess this up.
Good to see aussie team getting involved.

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