'Girls, make your move' the message in latest govt campaign targeting inactive young women

GIRLS-MAKE-YOUR-MOVE.jpgThe federal government has launched a major campaign encouraging young women to get moving after research revealed they are only half as active as young males.

The "Girls make your move" campaign features real girls playing sport and being active. The government aims to encourage sport and physical activity to be a natural part of young women's lives - enjoyed, not endured.


The campaign aims to encourage and support young women aged 12-19 to be more active and reinforce the benefits of an active life, whether through recreation, sport or other physical activity. The campaign creative materials primarily target young women aged 15-18 to generate intentions to participate in a wide range of physical activities and sport.

It also encourages parents of young women to provide support, be active themselves, and encourage family activity.

Research showed that many young Australian women don't feel they can be physically active. They face a number of additional barriers not experienced by young men. Girls don't want to be judged or ridiculed. They can be self-conscious about how they might look during and after exercising.


Yessie Yay said:

Well done. Great soundtrack selection.

Silly said:

C'mon people for God's sake, we had some Weight Watchers thing and now this blatantly ripping off the Sports England thing that killed it last year. This one even has some of the same exact scenarios in it. I mean if you are going to rip that hard and really have no ideas of your own, don't then go an PR the thing. Bloody hell.

Jack Sparrow said:

This girl can't.

@Silly said:

Maybe have a look at the campaign website @Silly before blasting off aimlessly:

"The 'Girls make your move' campaign has been inspired by Sport England's successful 'This Girl Can' initiative which has already encouraged nearly 3 million women to be more active."

Again? said:

I feel like I've seen this exact ad done a handful of times already.

Silly @ Silly said:

That's a great claim to fame, isn't it.

"Hey, here's what we made. We copied that other thing from overseas just in a really lame way. We're mentioning it cause we might get sued if we don't".


That's really inspiring to young people who you are literally trying to motivate with the piece of work itself.

How about being motivated enough to come up with your own and original ideas?

Could help.

Not America said:

There are other ways to promote sport that would have results!

"Kick Butt?!!: I hope the ratepayers are not paying heaps for this marketing (I know they are!!). Try to remember, we are AUSTRALIA!
Leave America to be America - WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THEIR SAYINGS!

Toni Mc said:

As I've read on a Facebook post- if its acknowledged that girls and women face barriers to being physically active and playing organised sports- why doesn't the campaign target these barriers? I was very active in sport until I was 11 when my lung collapsed. The lung collapsed because my (male) teacher used to physically assault us in class. My lung collapsed because he used to punch me in the back of my chest. When I recovered I played sport as much as I could, however I found I had so much work- paid jobs school chores and minding my siblings that there wasn't much time for anything else. As an adult there's been so many caring responsibilities that have limited my capacity to play sports. Also as mentioned females are censored for what they do so how do you propose society is going to redress this issue rather than expecting individual young women to do this work?

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