ADG gives nod to Photoplay director Husein Alicajic's 'Amazing' campaign for Officeworks

Husein Alicajic.jpgPhotoplay director, Husein Alicajic, has just become one of only five TVC directors to be nominated in the Australian Directors Guild's 2016 awards for outstanding Australian directors. He is nominated in the TV commercial category for Officeworks 'Let Their Amazing Out' with the winner announced in May.

Says Alicajic: "It's always special to be recognised by your peers, and makes me remember early in my career, looking at the ADG as something to aspire to. It's a great honour. I've always been motivated by magic and everyday wonder, and this script really allowed us to bring children's imaginations to life. The Officeworks campaign allowed us to make more than just pretty pictures."
The ADG nomination comes on the back of his recent 'Best Ads' win for the MND (Motor Neuron Disease) Australia campaign 'Fading Symphony'. Alicajic directed Tim Minchin and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a live performance of Crowded House's biggest international hit, Don't Dream It's Over that gradually faded to nothing, mimicking the effects of MND, with Photoplay and Alicajic behind the concept in collaboration with The Works.
Alicajic's ADG nomination is another accolade for the director, who has a passion for strong visuals and a keen understanding of visual effects. He has also received Best Director honours at New York Festivals, PROMAX BDA, Golden Trailer Awards and Best Ads and been applauded by VIVID Festival with screenings at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art.
Alicajic's latest feature Snowbound is currently in development and his cross platform drama series, X, was recently selected as one of a handful of projects to take part in the internationally acclaimed Digital Media Think-Tank and Creative Workshop X Media Lab and also selected as one of four finalists at the 2015 Scripted TV Pitch conference in New York. Alicajic is also writing the official biopic of country western star, Waylon Jennings, and he is set to take part in the upcoming TEDx Talk (Sydney) as one of six directors to create the festival's opening title sequence.
Click here to view Husein Alicajic's latest reel.

TVC nominees:
Husein Alicajic - Officeworks: Let Their Amazing Out
Tim Bullock - Volkswagen: Bear
Nicholas Carlton - beyondblue:  Preventing Youth Suicide
Michael Spiccia - Taco Bell: Routine Republic
Peter Carstairs - Ultrasound


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Massive congrats Husein! Very well deserved.

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