Furniture brand King Living launches new ultra-realistic animated product film via MISTER

KING_JASPER_01.jpgFurniture brand King Living has launched a 3D product film to showcase its 'Jasper' sofa, using high-tech animation to create a more realistic online customer experience.

In a market where large purchases are increasingly researched online instead of in store, King Living has partnered with Sydney production house MISTER to bring its famous designer sofas to life.

KING_JASPER_02.jpgRenata Bayer-Volf, general manager - global retail and brand, is excited about the potential.

Says Bayer-Volf: "The level of realistic detail surpasses anything we've done before. With sophisticated animation, nowKING_JASPER_03.jpg customers can experience our furniture designs from every angle - exploring features and dozens of configurations."

MISTER creative director Mike Williamson worked closely with King LivingKING_JASPER_04.jpg throughout the project, from initial concepts to creative execution.

Says Williamson: "We felt that 3D was the best way to elegantly showcase Jasper's versatility. With the sheer variety of conformations possible, it's always been a challenge to convey the flexibility of the King Living product range. But high-tech 3D animation enables a demonstration that'sKING_JASPER_05.jpg unlimited by constraints like time and effort - even gravity."

The product video will be a highlight of the King Living marketing mix, complementing an existing range of online and offline collateral.

Says Harry Bolanakis, digital marketing manager, King Living: "As well as providing an entirely new level of visual information online, these on-demand films complement our showroom experience. It's a game-changer when it comes to communicating the unique flexibility of our furniture designs."

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