OMO launches Peggy the smart peg to take the chore out of washing via J. Walter Thompson

Peggy key features omo version (1).jpgAustralian laundry detergent brand, OMO, has teamed with J. Walter Thompson Sydney to launch 'Peggy'; the world's smartest clothes peg, developed in Australia as part of OMO's 'real play' marketing strategy. 
Aimed at lightening the load for families and to get children actively playing, Peggy informs users of the best time to do the washing according to a range of weather indicators.  Taking familiar design cues from a vintage timber peg, it can monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and UV sunlight. Peggy also takes the macro weather data available from weather forecasting services and combines them with micro weather data to provide accurate drying times and weather indicators relative to your family home. Peggy then notifies families of these changes and updates via push notifications, in a bid to free them up for the moments that really matter.

J. Walter Thompson Sydney ECD Simon Langley said Peggy had been specifically developed as a real and practical way to bring the OMO 'Real Play' strategy to life as part of its Dirt is Good mission.
Says Langley: "Peggy exists to make the washing experience as smooth and easy as possible. We've all been there; hung the washing out only to have it rain, or forgotten about a load we'd put on, finding it a day or so later with that unmistakeable smell. Washing is a chore at the best of times, but having to do it twice is an annoying inconvenience. If we can give families an hour back on the weekend that's a win."

Paul Connell, marketing director, Unilever Laundry and Homecare ANZ said Peggy's launch in Australia was based on new research that revealed parents want to spend more time playing with their child, rather than everyday chores. 

Says Connell: "In an average week, Australian families do one load of washing per day and this figure increases in the school holidays to almost 8 loads per week.

"In today's complex and hyper-connected world, we believe brands have a responsibility to create and lead for positive change. OMO's commitment is to finding ways to help lighten the load for parents and getting children developing to their full potential through play. I see innovation and being open to explore solutions like Peggy as key to us achieving this. We're excited to see how Australian families react and the potential for Peggy to play a bigger role in increasing our positive social impact."
Says Jay Morgan, group digital CD, J. Walter Thompson Sydney: "Peggy is another example of how we're applying innovative new technologies to our client's briefs. Ideas like this not only garner interest and engagement from our client's customers but they add new value to their business outside of successful marketing campaigns.  Brands are strongest when they're not only talking about their purpose but actively demonstrating it through innovation and new product development. It's been a great journey developing the product with our client, who are excited about the future potential of Peggy and the role she plays in the home."
Billed as the world's smartest peg, Peggy is currently being tested by a range of households in Australia. While it is still in the BETA phase, OMO is calling on families who want know more about Peggy, to register their interest at
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sydney
Simon Langley - Executive Creative Director
Jay Morgan - Group Digital Creative Director
Will Edwards & Chris Badger - Creative Team / Associate Creative Directors
Angela Morris - Executive Planning Director
Carly Yanco - Senior Planner
Milly Hall - Group Account Director
Isabelle Udall - Account Manager
Innovation Manager - Michaela Upton
Producer - Ellen Fraser
Peggy Prototype & App development - Streaker
Digital Delivery Director - Elicia Varley
Senior Designer - Alex Eather
Print Producer - Anastasia Nielsen
Producers - Anastasia Nielsen & Niki Bentley
Editor - Kel Gronow 


Jack said:

I saw this on Channel 9 news the other day so let me be one of the first to say, well done JWT. Cool idea that delivers a benefit to consumers and actually has something to do with the brand.

Well Played said:

Just in time...
Awesome work.

internetofshit said:

April fools day was a few weeks ago guys, you missed it.

Better luck next year!

Largely indifferent said:

Scam ad, nothing more.

Completely useless for the target audience. Don't hold your breath for an award.

Some girl said said:

Nice work if it works.

cool idea said:

I think for the right demographic, this is a really interesting idea that would make a pretty shitty chore a bit less shitty. Nice work.

Man said:

Why does a washing helper have to be female?
Does OMO think they're the only ones who know how to do it properly?

Michael said:

Remember when The Americans spent big developing a pen so it would write in space, and the Russians simply decided to use a pencil? I remember that.

Hmmm said:

The credits on Best Ads says someone else made the prototype and app. Can you even buy it?

No said:

Incredibly embarrassing for everyone who works in advertising. Please this must be a joke. Please be a joke.

C said:

So stupid it's embarrassing

p said:

Sorry, can't put out the washing, I need to charge my peg.

B said:

Michael - remember when that 'used a pencil' anecdote was debunked years ago yet people still trot it out with an incredible degree of smugness? I remember that.

the world's smartest peg, said:


Michael said:

But does it make the realisation of this project and use of that analogy any less sobering?
Look, it's okay, mate. You feel what you want about it.
Maybe you could put a QR code on the peg next time and get a drone to collect your washing - or save that one for next year's entry.

Peggy said:

@man Why does the name peggy have to be female? You must be really old or Australian. Or just a cunt.

damn said:

Years ago I invented something for getting the washing in, it was called looking out the fucking window. Didn't win a thing.

Peepers said:

Agree with you @damn. Talk about shoehorning tech into something that never needed it.

mum and dad said:

I'm looking forward to people holding brands accountable for every one of these illegitimate, scam ridden projects that never make it beyond 'BETA phase' testing. Maybe then, this prototype garbage will leave.

Jeezuz said:

This is a waste of everything.

Unilevers mum said:

Unilever please stand up to your agency and don't let them get away with this utter silliness. It makes us all look dishonest scammy and dumb.

Don't listen to the haters said:

I know quite a few of the people involved in this, which makes me think this is bigger than just scam. Plus two other reasons. 1. I've worked on Unilever a bit over the years and I can guarantee they wouldn't attach themselves to a press release if it wasn't legit. 2. They wouldn't invest money in something like this unless there was a benefit to the brand and longer term goal. So, I say hats off JWT for doing something interesting.

The haters are right said:

I don't care whether this is scam or real.

The fact still remains it is retarded and everyone involved should be ashamed.

It 'solves' a non-existent problem and smacks of the least innovative agency in Australia desperately trying to score some innovation creds.

Cool case study said:

But utterly useless.

Cynic Al said:

This is one of those 'campaigns' which is admirable on one level - good work to the tech team and developers for creating a product off the back of a brand brief and I'm sure Jay Morgan is pushing the agency to do more tech led creative work. It's great to see agencies trying to do more than advertising.


This is absolutely an example of tech for the sake of tech. A peg that makes doing the laundry easier by sending you weather readings, presuming that all humans are completely incapable of checking weather forecasts or looking out the window, is ridiculous and utterly useless. It might be mildly curious for a moment but there's absolutely no way that anyone doing their washing will consult the peg. Ever.

Sorry JWT but this is not a product to make life easier. It's a big waste of time and money. Keep up the tech development but admit when it's just a bit of fun and a little hack experiment, don't pretend it's a campaign aimed at consumers.

Washed out said:

Should have been hung out to dry well before it was prototyped

Nancy said:

Is this an episode of "Nathan for You"?

First world problems said:

If you're going to invest money and resources innovating at least make it beneficial. Solve a real global problem that effects billions not a few privileged yuppies. Surely Omo could help all the people worldwide who wash their products in unsanitary water. Or could help stem the pollution to the waterways of India and China from people washing clothes with Omo in those waterways.

TECH GUY said:

'Prototype' is the new dirty word in advertising, it's the new cheat formula to win awards!

tripleshot said:

I love reading all the negative, and some quite condescending, comments on this. Clearly some of you are incapable of seeing a much larger picture for the application of this tech, which would be quite confidence inspiring to other agencies reading the comments.

Good job JWT.

nellyisme said:

does anyone know if it works with any smart phone or like most all new tech things they only work on iphones

Fellow Maker said:

I love how full service agencies still list every man and his dog in the credits and the actual people with the smarts to execute something like this are practically a foot note.

Print producer?? really

This is evidence of how integrated agencies still under value tech, and that is why they continue to produce ideas like this.

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