COTA Travel Insurance launches a mini opera in its latest ad campaign via Showpony Advertising

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.50.20 am.jpgShowpony Advertising has launched a new campaign for COTA Travel Insurance featuring an opera singer.

The campaign was produced by Piper Films.



Not one comment said:

Not one, before this, one.

Why is that?

Retired nurse said:

Don't like ad , the opera singer needs to trim his nose hair as it has mucus on it Yuk

long_walker said:

Not a fan of the ad - we mute or change channel when it comes on...

Gill said:

Terrific - love it! Best ad ever. Who is the opera singer? he is great

Merryl said:

Love this ad.!

Opera fan said:

Best ad on TV.Love it as does my 10 year old.

Aaron said:

I am not an opera fan, but this ad is brilliant.

The people that dislike it do not have a sense of humor,
therefore do not understand.

Doug said:

Best ad I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of ads!

Christie said:

I don't understand why the opera singer is dirty?? Why make him look sketchy and dirty while singing. I don't mind the advert as long as I don't look at him, if I'm looking all I can think why why why!!!!!

Julie Ross-Spooner said:

I enjoy this ad. because I agree that the singer has a great voice. WHO IS HE ? I really want to know.!

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