Life insurance brand TAL celebrates modern Australia in first ever campaign via BMF

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.24.14 am.jpgThis week sees the launch of TAL's first ever brand campaign created by BMF.

The company has been around for more than 140 years, but this is the first time Australia's largest life insurance brand will incorporate consumers into its footprint.

The new campaign signals a departure from how the category traditionally attempts to engage Australian consumers. Rather than playing on their fears, TAL hopes to make life insurance a well-understood and valuable part of people's lives, by celebrating everything in life that is worth protecting.

The ad, directed by one of the world's most renowned directors, Kim Gehrig (ranked #1 Campaign's Top Directors) and produced by Revolver, captures the spirit of what it feels like to grow up, and grow old, in modern Australia.

Says Alex Derwin, creative director, BMF: "Life insurance ads often end up being about death, so it's great to make one that wasn't. We've made something that pays tribute to real Australians and their unique lives, without ever tipping into sentimentality or cliché. A lot of credit has to go to the client for giving BMF and Kim the freedom to pull off something so genuine and affectionate."


As an Australian director living overseas, Gehrig explains how the campaign was an opportunity to really look at Australia again: "I grew up in Australia and I (very sadly) live in London. To spend time with Australians in their natural habitat, in so many different environments, from the outback, to the surf and the city... just to be with people and get a real sense of life in Australia now, was just wonderful."

To create authentic and open performances, the film used street casting to reflect a rich cross section of Australians being themselves and doing what they love.

Says Gehrig: "We found real people who love what they do, and that for me was the heart of TAL. To really try and find that unique and wonderful Australian spirit."

The brand campaign is supported by TV (60", 30" and 4 x 15" executions), outdoor and digital, followed up by strongly integrated, product-focused work, centring on a new innovation which allows consumers to build their own life insurance policies to suit their unique needs.


Says Stephen McArdle, managing director, BMF: "The TAL team challenged us to bring meaning to the TAL name and give the brand a voice that would make Australians feel differently about life insurance. I don't think I've been involved in brand launch work that answers the brief better than This Australian Life."

Says Antony Wilson, GM of brand marketing at TAL: "As a leading life insurer in Australia, we believe that we have a responsibility to invest in raising the awareness of what life insurance does in the community. Through this campaign, we hope to remind Australians why they love their Australian life.  The team at BMF together with director Kim Gehrig, have done an extraordinary job in bringing an emotional connection to what life insurance does: protects people."


Agency: BMF
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Art Directors: Dave Ladd and Nicole Hetherington
Copywriters: Dave Ladd and Simon Fowler
Designers: Dave Ladd and Lincoln Grice
Executive Planning Director: Christina Aventi
Group Strategy Director: David Warren
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Group Account Directors: Danielle Richards and Emma McJury
Senior Account Director: Aisling Colley    
Account Manager: Kimberly Ngo
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee-Archer

Head of Digital and CRM Strategy: Irina Hayward

Production Company: Revolver

Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Co. Managing Director/EP: Michael Ritchie
Production Co. Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Production Co. Producer: Serena Paull    
Post Production: Framestore London/The Editors Sydney    
Editor: Tom Lindsay (Trim London)
Music and Sound: Chandelier (Furler/Shatkin) by The Vitamin String Quartet/Level 2/Rumble Studios
DoP: Ryley Brown
Photographer: Ali Nasseri
Creative Service Director: Clare Yardley
Digital Producer: Laurence Pogue    
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Print Producers: Karen Liddle and Jane Winnick

Fiona Macgregor - Chief Customer and Innovation Officer
Antony Wilson - General Manager Brand, Marketing Communications, Digital and Social
Cheryl Pearl - Senior Manager, Brand Strategy
Camille Heiss - Campaign Manager, Brand


George D said:

Well done.

John said:

I wanted to like it, i really did, but i was massively disappointed. This looks and feels as if it's been cut together from a dozen or so similar 'isn't Australia a wonderful place' ads that have hit our screens recently.
Yes , it's nicely shot , yes the music is o.k, but it's wallpaper all the same.

Nice pictures but... said:

Why did they use a song well known for being about manic depression and alcoholism?

... said:

So it's generic pictures with a generic VO? Makes me want to die..but maybe hat's the idea.

That's how you don't do it said:

Talk about an agency having a lend of it's client.

Quality Control said:

@Nice pictures... fair point, but you have to admit it's an awesome version of the original. Probably the one thing that'll set this apart from all the other 'Australia's a wonderful place' montages (as @John points out).
Why so many montage lifestyle ads? Probably because no one ever got fired for making them, and they make great presentations in the client's boardroom. Trouble is they do blend together on TV. Don't get me started on how many of them use 'Somewhere over the rainbow' as the soundtrack....

Goldyhorn said:

Why was a UK director flown in to make a generic montage about Australia?
I can't imagine that happening in any other country. An Australian director being brought in to make an ad in the UK about the UK?

Wake me when it's over said:

That was depressing.

More staged shots of people jumping for joy for no particular reason. Because #chooselife or some wank.

Please stop writing this rubbish. Oh wait, there was nothing actually written other than a voiceover.

patriot games said:

Kim's 'strayn. She just resides in the UK. I have nothing to do with this piece but I do know that so thought it was worth saying.

Mr Logic (he's a pain in the arse) said:

Whack any branding on the end and it could be for any number of products, categories and brands. How could any client be so gullible and profligate with their marketing budget? You'd be doing more good to give the money to charity.

Mr Mr said:

This feels like a packet of Valium and and a 6 pack of XXXX.

Nellyran said:

Why are there no indigenous persons in this ad. I am not indigenous but very disappointed. This ad only reflects white Australians life.

Polly said:

The shot of five young men jumping off a cliff into water looks suspiciously like Wattamolla in the Royal National Park. Several young people have become paraplegics pulling just this stunt and the spot has been fenced with large warning signs to discourage this activity. Anyone jumping off a cliff into water is taking an enormous risk and I hope that their life insurance covers such a risk. Risk taking by young men is not synonymous with joie de vivre. Get real, please.

pswim said:

I agree with Polly about showing dangerous jumps off cliffs - stupid and life threatening. Also why would a caring mother get her baby out of a pram and hold her up to the sky in a thunderstorm - especially near a deserted beach - they are the highest objects around!!! Health and safety went out the window with this ad!!!

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