Director Simon Maddison joins //13&CO

IMG_0964 (1).jpgProduction collective //13&CO has announced that one of Australia's most awarded post-based directors, Simon Maddison has joined its roster.

Maddison was founder and co-owner of the internationally renowned visual effects house Fuel VFX for 13 years. For the last five years, Maddison has been the VFX supervisor and animation director of Cutting Edge.

While originally trained in fine arts and photography, Maddison's formative years in visual effects were in 3D animation. With 15 years experience as a VFX supervisor across television commercials and feature films, Maddison is the master of seamlessly integrating groundbreaking photo-realistic characters and FX animation. His work includes direction and character development on 'Bankwest Squirrel', 'Wrigley's Extra Active', V Energy 'Grasshoppers' and Nike 'Freeknit'.
Says Samantha Daley, executive producer Cutting Edge: "We are absolutely ecstatic to see Simon joining up with 13&CO. They have a creative approach to the current direction our industry has taken."

Maddison has just finished overseeing VFX for Cutting Edge on Mel Gibson's upcoming feature film "Hacksaw Ridge".

Says Charity Downing, executive producer, //13&CO: "It's exciting to watch someone of Simon's calibre at work. He's directing a cool job with us, and I can't wait to see what other scripts he brings to life."

To view Maddison's work, click here.


Good-time Gary the squirrel said:

Nice work Madgo!!!

Big-Ups said:

What a classic joining of some industry greats.
Congratualtions to Simon and also 13&CO.



Clem's Fried Chicken said:

Killing it Mad-Dog!

guy who doesnt know him said:

Sounds like a wizard

congratulations Simon
Look forward to overlapping on a job again someday
all the best

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