Indy the dog stars in new brand campaign for Plush Sofas via Akkomplice Group Australia

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.01.57 AM.jpgPlush Sofas continues to carve out a distinctive position with a new campaign via Akkomplice Group Australoa, focusing on the leading sofa retailer's commitment to comfort.

Since last year, Plush has been eschewing the well-worn clichés of furniture retailer advertising to showcase its range being enjoyed by dogs and cats - the ultimate arbiters of comfort.  

The resulting double digit sales uplift and brand tracking data has shown Plush leapfrogging its competitors for brand awareness.

So to keep the momentum going, Plush is continuing in its collaboration with man's best friend. The new campaign has kicked off today with a 60-second film, created by Akkomplice, that focuses on the trials and tribulations of an adorable french bulldog.
Little Indy is seen facing life as the underdog before being invited up onto the family sofa by his owner as viewers are told "We all deserve a little comfort". The story is set to the soundtrack of "Up Where We Belong", by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes, best known as the theme to An Officer and a Gentleman.

Says Wes Kerr, marketing manager, Plush: "In a very competitive market this campaign has been hugely successful for Plush and has driven significant uplifts in showroom traffic and sales, as well as fueling improvements in brand perceptions that have outstripped the entire category. It's great to see such positive results from our advertising, but rather than resting on our laurels we're expecting this latest installment to drive results for the brand even further."

The new brand film was directed by Emily Owens of Toffee Studios and will break on national TV, cinema and online from August 22nd in addition to substantial outdoor, radio and social activation.

Client: Wess Kerr, Plush Sofas
Creative: Akkomplice Group Australia
Creative Director: Kenny Hill
Media: Gravia Media
Production: Toffee Studios
Director: Emily Owens
Producers: Lauren Sellwood, Christina Radburn
DOP: Katie Millwright
Editor: Ian Carmichael
Sound: Alchemy Audio Post Production // Keith Thomas
Post: Pocket Post // CJ Dobson
Dog Trainer: Luke Hura


Woof said:

Nice work :-)

Victor said:

Love it!
Should I get a dog or a new sofa? or maybe both??
Great work

Ms Marketer said:

How refreshing! At last some advertising with a compelling idea. Full marks to Akkomplice and also to a brave client who didn't make them show a hundred sofas with price tags. Stand out work.

??? said:

What? Compelling Idea?! Using dogs and cats is hardly groundbreaking, this ad is little more than wallpaper. Stop patting yourselves on the back.

Luke Cage said:

I actually enjoyed the ad. It's a refreshing ad when compared to other ads in the same category.
It grabs attention and likely to retain attention. Does everything need to be groundbreaking or efficient is better?

dan brush said:

Kenny--great job--looks great!

@Luke Cage said:

So I guess what your saying is: because the category is generally rubbish (which I agree with) then mediocre is good enough.

@@Luke Cage said:

Regardless of the category there's nothing mediocre about it. Refreshing and charming + beautifully crafted and will work it's socks off. It's what we're in the game for. Well done all involved.

Wufff said:

Great way to build brand while doing retail. Such a departure to where Plush was a few years ago... Well done to client and agency alike.

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