Lauren Fried rebrands agency to Pulse Collective with a new focus on entrepreneurial businesses

TIM_0868 (1).jpgMarketer, entrepreneur and regular Gruen panellist Lauren Fried has announced the evolution and relaunch of the agency she founded more than 13 years ago.

Pulse Marketing has become Pulse Collective in a shift to solely serve entrepreneurs and privately-owned business as a full-service marketing and communications agency.

Says Fried: "As we are a creative agency which was founded on entrepreneurialism, it makes sense we are now working with liked-minded individuals, so this was a really organic evolution for us."
As an entrepreneur herself, having carved out a successful marketing and advertising agency in Pulse since its launch in 2003 armed with her laptop and a strong determination, Fried wants to help others in a similar situation.

Says Fried: "It's not an easy road, being an entrepreneur, and you really need someone who understands your specific needs which differs from the bigger and more established brands. Entrepreneurism is now considered its own business category, so why shouldn't it be marketed differently?"

As part of the re-focus, Pulse Collective has also announced the launch of The Entrepreneurial Community - a series of roundtables and guest speakers focusing on business planning, personal wealth, exit strategies, overseas expansion and how to create and keep a harmonious work environment.

Logo_circle.jpgSays Fried: "Nearly all my conversations with clients are advising them on how to navigate through the challenges of growth, profit, products and people, and even more importantly how to engage their team to help them sustainably execute around it.

"Because Pulse has come from a similar place of building a business from the ground up, we dig deeper and ask the important questions to find our clients a unique perspective and a real business edge."

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Amused said:

Kind of ironic that she talks about keeping a harmonious work environment when Pulse had the polar opposite. 100% annual turnover of staff! Not a figure to be proud of.

DB said:

Very talented lady, knows her stuff. Expecting big things and track record is there.

Still traumatised said:

I did a little bit of freelance here. Very, very unpleasant. A tweak of the name won't help.

Me too said:

So many people burnt there, so much unpleasantness...there's the track record for you.

Groucho said:

It would appear that what happens at pulse fails to stay at Pulse.

Surprised said:

I freelanced there for a month this year and loved it. Included in team drinks, young crowd.

Big agency fan said:

I haven’t lasted more than a year in any small agency I have worked at. To much change, smaller budgets, prefer the big places.

Newsreader said:

I read an article lately that industry turnover last year was nearly 60% across the board. It doesn't look to be the agency rather the need for us to always move to something new.

Sarah said:

I saw Lauren speak at an event years ago, and chose marketing at uni because she inspired me so much. She's now been my mentor me on and off for more than 5 years and I could not thank her enough. Goodluck with Pulse Collective!

Andrew said:

I know Lauren personally and she's an absolute pleasure to be with. Her business, Pulse is exciting and dynamic and the rebrand certainly reflects this. I wish her all the best with the new outfit.

Love the new look and great industry leadership!

Lauren is certainly a innovative thinker and has a great insight into what clients wants.

Well done and congratulations!

Michael said:

I love this idea, very clever and needed.

Went thru interview process earlier this year with Pulse.
Didn’t get the job but was very professional. Lauren called to explain why I didn’t make it then introduced me to someone else who was looking to fill a role which I got!
Positive experience.

Mike said:

Very clever, this is going to boom.

I went for a role at Pulse recently and didn't get it. But they called to explain why and introduced me to someone else who was looking to fill a role and I got it!

Blair said:

A smart move from a very smart woman. To spot a gap in the market like this, and to go for it as Lauren has, not only needs balls, but the right team behind you. Clearly she now has that.

Kirsty said:

This is all very amusing. I work at Pulse and can confidently say we all love working there and have an absolute ball. And we're bloody excited about our future direction.

yoyoyo said:

"As we are a creative agency which was founded on entrepreneurialism.."

What, as opposed to every other business ever founded?

Toby Ralph said:

Lauren is one of the smartest people in the industry and her agency is consistently impressive because she gets what projects are really about and their context within a business.
What a pity to see vaguely embittered people taking the opportunity to make sniped comments - but it seems to be the nature of anti- social media.
The business will prosper, because great talent does.

Adam said:

A lovely bunch to work with. Best of luck Lauren and the team.

BotFail said:

Someone should introduce 'Michael' and 'Mike.' I reckon they'd get on like a house on fire.

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