Australian Unity launches new NDIS campaign in NSW and Victoria via DPR&Co and Slingshot

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.49.46 pm.jpgA new campaign announcing Australian Unity's offering to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) market has launched in NSW and Victoria this week.

The campaign was created by DPR&Co and will be activated by partner media agency Slingshot.

Launching on free-to-air TV and digital during the Rio Paralympics, the campaign features a cast of people with disability, who interview Australian Unity for the role of NDIS service provider.

Says Kellie Johnston, head of marketing for independent and assisted living, Australian Unity: "We want to support and enable our clients, not lead and direct them. So, we needed an idea that would enable the power balance to sit squarely with our clients. In this commercial, it is clear that our clients are in charge of the critical decision of who will support them on their NDIS journey."

DPR&Co founder and executive creative director Richard Ralphsmith said that it was a privilege to work with Australian Unity on the campaign.

Says Ralphsmith: "The media rarely shows people with disability in positions of power. This campaign does that, bringing to life our message that Australian Unity puts people with disability in control of their choices so that they can live the life they want to lead."

Slingshot CEO, Simon Rutherford, reinforced the importance of the campaign media placement.

Says Rutherford: "We wanted to anchor the launch of this campaign in a way that honored its purpose. And what better property to leverage than the Rio Paralympics. After that, the campaign targeting becomes increasingly focused."

Lead actor in the TV advertisement Chris Van Ingen - a vocal advocate for actors with disability - described the campaign as a 'breakthrough' in its portrayal of people with disabilities.

Says Van Ingen: "Too often, the only roles I come across have me typecast either as a victim or an inspiration, simply as a result of my physical condition - never in a position of power. This role is different. It depicts me, along with others who live with disability, being firmly in charge of our own destiny. It dares to confront social stereotypes we live with every day - why should it be abnormal to see a boardroom filled with diverse Australians including those living with a disability? People with disability participate in all walks of life, including running successful businesses and sitting on corporate boards."

Appropriately, the last word goes to cast member and Australian Unity client, Dean Leggett.

Says Leggett: "The whole premise of the commercial is giving control back to the people who actually need the service and letting them take control. And it's real. That's the way Australian Unity is working with me."


2brokegirls said:

The ad is crap, the Australian unity woman being interviewed acts like a total bitch, looking down upon her potential employees, totally don't see this ad as empowering or anything for people with disabilities.

Krauf said:

Isn't it insensitive to say you'll be with them every STEP of the way when addressing people in wheelchairs!

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