MLA proves nothing celebrates diversity like Lamb in new Spring campaign via The Monkeys

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 9.17.25 am.jpgThis September, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is launching its new Spring Lamb campaign
positioning lamb as the meat that doesn't discriminate. The campaign has been created by The Monkeys.

Building on the long established We Love Our Lamb platform, the integrated activity taps into the central role lamb plays in celebrating the face of modern Australia and bringing everyone together, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability.

This message will be spread to all Australians via content, a traditional 30 second TVC, an innovative media approach, social amplification, OOH, a bespoke partnership and PR.

The content cuts to the chase and addresses the fact that we are a welcoming and inclusive society that loves lamb, by featuring a cast of Aussies from all walks of life, coming together over a lamb barbecue.

Says Andrew Howie, group marketing manager at MLA: "What it means to be Australian is constantly evolving. Sadly, the true face of Australia isn't being reflected on our screens and in the media, so lamb decided to do something about it.

"Aussies from all walks of life love their lamb, no matter our ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We all celebrate over lamb so this spring we're getting everyone in the room."

Shot in one take by director Paul Middleditch, there are appearances from indigenous Australians including Olympian Cathy Freeman, National Rugby League player Greg Inglis and model Samantha Harris. Other Aussies present include Greek-transgender comedian Jordan Raskopoulos, established television presenter Luke Jacobz, rising Bengali-Australian actor Arka Das and a long list of Australian extras, who prove 'lamb is the ultimate cross- cultural protein'.

Staying true to inclusivity, the campaign will use in-language social media posts to tailor its communications to languages other than English for the first time. The 90-second content will be shared across Facebook and YouTube, and the lamb message will also be spread across WeChat and Weibo to further engage Australia's Chinese community.

MLA harnessed UM's proprietary tool DIMPLE to gain a genuine insight into the social fabric of our cultural neighbourhoods and key ethnic groups, and used this data to inform a multi-language News Limited Community Press partnership and high-impact OOH digital display activity. Focusing on areas with diverse backgrounds, it will spread unique messages linking lamb to diversity around sexuality, culture and language with Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese translations. The OOH will also speak to the sight impaired community with specific braille placements in key metro sites.

Taking the message to the table is a partnership with start-up platform Feed Up. A month of 'Lamb Get Togethers' on this pop-up dining community will literally bring Aussies together over lamb. Chef and lamb lover George Calombaris and a series of influencers will host their events and spread the message across their channels, as they encourage people to get involved.
PR will spread the message of lamb unifying all Australians across earned media, showing how different cultures embrace, share and consume the meat across the country. Research and bespoke tours will display lamb's cross-cultural role here.

Below the line materials will inspire shoppers pre-store, via catalogue and magazine placements. In store, driving accentuated appetite appeal during the campaign, there will be recipes and visually engaging POS pieces at shelf and on-pack. Exclusive POS suites have also been developed for butchers and grocery stores to cater to their shoppers.

Lamb lovers can view the content on the We Love Our Lamb Facebook and YouTube page.

MLA Group Marketing Manager: Andrew Howie
MLA Brand Manager - Lamb: Matthew Dwyer
Advertising Agency: The Monkeys
Media Agency: UM
PR Agency: One Green Bean

The Monkeys
Executive Creative Director/Co-Founder: Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Senior Art Director: Barbara Humphries
Copywriter: Tim Pashen
Planning Director: Michael Hogg
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Content Director: Katie Wong-Hee
Content Manager: Victoria Zourkas
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Producer: Abby Hunt/Caroline David
Head of Print Production: Tom Harrison

Group Director: Tom Rankin
Client Director: Ed Passerotti
Group Strategy Director: Chris Colter
Partnerships Manager: Jacqui Ollevou

One Green Bean
Senior Account Director: Jessica Silver
Account Director: Katie Raleigh
Account Manager: Lauren Caverley
Senior Account Executive: Taylor York
Account Executive: Duncan Fredericks

Production company: Plaza
Director: Paul Middleditch
Executive producer: Peter Masterton
DOP: Daniel Ardilley
Post production: The Editors
Editor: Peter Whitmore
Colourist: Christine Trodd
Sound: Song Zu
Senior Composer: Haydn Walker
Sound Designer: Simon Kane
Producer: Jess Bonney

31st Second
Rachael Egan - Executive Creative Director
Libby Waring - Senior Account Director
Annina Helenelund - Senior Account Manager
Hannah Le Cornu - Graphic Designer

US mechanical license courtesy of Carl Fischer Music


Well done said:

Great stuff. Hats off to all involved.

ohno said:

wow. hackjob.

Strewth me blue! said:

Bloody love it.

Yes said:


PC Bro said:

"Otherness and diversity have just become marketable brands in order to sell anything and everything."

Well worth the watch if you can spare the time

Well done said:

Great stuff. Hats off to all involved.

Rich said:

Applause. One of the best I've seen in a while. Great to see that lead getting more gigs after that ANZ spot too. V likeable.

Rawno said:

Enjoyed that

Paul Nagy said:

Well done you lot. That last line in particular is gold.

Greidy said:

How to make casting mandatories work for you. Nice.

Jono Wright said:

Brilliant, and bang-on the zeitgeist.

Lefty crap said:


Nancy said:

Best yet. Great writing. Great everything!

Periodontist said:

good to see.

Bea said:

Love it. Well done team.

Mike said:

Quality work. Quality agency.

'kin 'ell said:

Things have changed since I first worked in advertising, we used to have to take all that meaning and sentiment and crystalise into a nice simple, single minded IDEA. Now it seems we just write out the brief in a vaguely witty way. I think the Gruen transfer was to blame.

It's unAustralian. What's all this Zee stuff that the guy says at the start - isn't it Zed here?

Also, sadly, the vast majority of Australians don't fucking like diversity, that's why we have one nation senators and TBC and the like. They'll be too stupid to understand the ad anyway, so no sales lost.

qt3.14 said:

Yeah Rubba

mod oz said:

liked this. smart strategy. on trend. the stan/jesus gags were a bit predictable but otherwise very nicely done.good work.

Ariel Martin said:

Best spot for ages mate

Gawen said:

Ahead of the game as always MLA & Monkeys
But hey, check out that PC Bro lin,k best 17 mins watch,
Stone & Harper are brilliant guys

Enjoyed that said:


wow said:

Genuinely awesome. That final 'joke' is iconic

Bloke said:

This is brilliant. Good stuff Rubba

Nope said:

Sorry to rain on this Monkeys love fest, but I think this bloody awful.

A strategy on film is not a creative idea.

I find this ad patronising and (given all the cliché's) distasteful.

Major fail.

Mac said:

I'm sorry, but I find this so insincere. 'You guys complained so we made you an ad'.

Don't advertise your casting brief - just cast more diverse people.

Point scoring not attitude changing.

pretty pretty said:

pretty good

Clearly joking said:

OMG It's 2016 FFS and an ad about DIV3RS1TY only has 0N3 male lead actor!!!

OMFG this is soooooo sexist what the hell is going on?


You want to know the problem? White MALE privilege!

palestinian jew said:

This will go down in the history books as one of those awkward ads that tried to be inclusive but by calling it out was actually quite racist.

It's like saying 'hey, finally, women are allowed in the public bar.'

I get that a lot of Muslims / jews / greeks eat lamb. Great. But calling out 'we should get over discrimination' seems a tad discriminatory, don't you think?

Rad said:

That was pretty good guys

north london jew to palestian jew said:


Um...? said:

No palestinian jew it doesn't

Montel Jordan said:

This is how you do it.

BL said:

Middleditch is the King!

Uncle Brian said:

I think we just witnessed a culturally significant moment in Australian advertising...

@Montel Jordan said:

Oh dear, another rip from the Monkeys. What a shame.

Is nothing original?

Deeperthroat said:

Rutherford had nothing to do with it.

Um No! said:

Hey Palestinian Jew, I think you need to go back to your jingle writing for dog food commercials or whatever it is you do (#Idont care) and leave the ad critiquing to the experts. How anyone could find hatred for this ad, in the troubled world we live in, is beyond me. Have you neen tested for Asbergers? If so, perhaps you should be nicer about those encouraging Diversity.

Tone said:

Nice one Barbarella & Timbo Slice. Turned out real good and that.

420blazeit said:

@palestinian jew

Your comment will go down in the history books as a "comment from a fuck stain"

John Cena said:

Monkey see, monkey do:

Lamb Love said:

Great stuff

Dean S said:

This ad is completely sexist towards men. This has nothing to do with diversity, It's just sad how advertising companies feel belittling white men is a good sales technique. Same on you.

@John Cena said:

So do the Monkeys charge creative fees or adaptation fees?

Sarah Palmer said:

I love it - well done Monkeys

MIlls said:

It's not the John Cena ad.
It's not the first cliff top ad.
But that doesn't make it unoriginal.
It's a really good spot, that lands a nice point nicely, at the right point in time.
Don't be part of the problem guys.

From New York said:

Love it!

Open up the comments in YouTube said:

Terrible on every level. I'd rather watch a 30-second infomercial. If the agency and client believe in this ad, they should open up comments on YouTube and let the public feed back. Currently comments are disabled which says that it's OK to PR this in ad land but we don't give a damn what the consumer thinks.

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