SHEDcsc launches new national campaign for Super Nature featuring the incredible Turia Pitt

SuperNature_TuriaPitt_BLOG.jpg'Made of Incredible Stuff' is the new brand positioning created by SHEDcsc for Vesco Foods' Super Nature range of snap frozen meals and lunches. It refers to the super food ingredients that are used to create their delicious healthy recipes, and it promotes a positive, healthy image that's based on substance as opposed to the superficial.

"In a world of Kanyes and Kardashians, we wanted to deliver a strong message that self-belief and self-confidence comes from what you're made of," said SHED's Andrew Tinning. "It's about what's on the inside as opposed to just the outside, and that eating healthy even when you're time poor is a big part of feeling good about yourself and life."

Tinning said when considering their first brand ambassador to launch the campaign, they just couldn't go past the incredible Turia Pitt.

"Turia's story and her phenomenal strength and courage are truly inspirational. She is without doubt made of incredible stuff."
SuperNature_INSTAGRAM_BLOG.jpgIt is five years since Pitt was badly burned in a bushfire while competing in an ultra-marathon in WA. Since then she has endured countless operations but fought back to being able to compete again.

The national campaign featuring a simple, powerful image of Pitt and the product launched earlier this month across outdoor in all major capital cities, selected women's magazines, PR & social media including product specific carousel ads and sponsored inspirational posts.

As well as securing Pitt as brand ambassador, Super Nature became her major sponsor for the recent world iron man event in Kona Hawaii.

SuperNature_OOHMurraySt_BLOG.jpg"Being invited to compete in what is regarded as the world's ultimate triathlon is yet another example of the incredible stuff this incredible woman is made of, particularly since she'd been told just a few years earlier that she would never run again," said Tinning.

Pitt finished the 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run in 14 hours 37mins.

Tinning said the amount of editorial coverage and social media exposure at both a SuperNature_OOHBourkeStMall_BLOG.jpgnational and international level that this element of the campaign has attracted for the brand over the past few weeks had been "nothing short of incredible."

Diana Stalteri: Group marketing and PR Manager Vesco Foods
Stephanie Yip: Senior Brand Manager Vesco Foods/ Super Nature
ECD: Andrew Tinning
CD: Drew Ridley
Writer/Art Director: Andrew Tinning
Art Director: Matt Ridley / James SuperNature_Turia_Instagram_PR_BLOG.jpgHewitt
Account Service: Kristy Orr
Media: Helen Hammond
Photographer: Christopher Ireland - The Pool Collective
Retouching: Anastasia Lees
Social media planning (excluding sponsorship): Samantha Marx
Team Turia management and social media: Amanda Whitty - SuperNature_Social_BLOG.jpgKristen Tonkin Ripple Village


SUPER! said:

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant. Turia is the perfect person to promote this product, good on them for getting this incredible woman onboard.

hi said:

love this

Toni H said:

Inspiring. Well done!

X said:

This is so simple and so wonderful. Thank you.

hmm said:

Yes, Turia is amazing and an inspiration, but something doesn't sit well with me here.

It just feels like you're using her as a tack on.

'Wow, our super food product needs someone super. Wowee, let's use Turia, she's super & incredible!"

So, because Turia now supports the brand, wow, as a consumer, I should rush out and buy this, because she eats it (probably doesn't)?

She is amazing and incredible, but superfoods sure as hell didn't make her that way.

Steve said:

Hmmm hmmm, let's apply your logic to say Apple's Think Different campaign.

Yes Albert (Einstein) was a genius who 'thought different' but something doesn't sit well with me here.

It just feels like you're using him as a tack on.

'Wow our really smart and different computer needs somone who is (was) really smart and different. Wowee, let's use Albert, he's really smart and different.'

So because Albert now represents the brand, wow as a consumer, I should rush out and buy this because he uses it ( probably doesn't because he died 20 years before the product was released)!

He was an amazingly different thinker, but Apple sure as hell didn't make him that way.

@Steve said:

Hmmm... As much as we'd like to think this work is in the same company as the Think Different campaign - it's not.

hmm said:


Apple had a thought behind it - 'Here's to the ones who think differently'.

This doesn't. They've just literally used Turia.

Weak answer to the brief.

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