Brand Agency targets three transgressions in first campaign for WA Road Safety Commission

RSC_Distraction3_BLOG.jpgThe Brand Agency, Perth has created its first campaign for the WA Road Safety Commission after being appointed earlier in the year.  

The campaign, which launched yesterday, focuses on Speeding, Distracted Driving and Drink Driving. It is the first time that the Road Safety Commission has combined messages for these three transgressions into one integrated campaign. The strategy is designed to increase awareness and ultimately change dangerous driving behaviour.

RSC_DrinkDriving2_BLOG.jpgRSC_Speeding2_BLOG.jpgMoving away from the traditional scare tactics used when delivering road safety messages, the campaign uses a tone and style designed to make an audience that doesn't think they are doing anything wrong, realise that they actually are.

"Those drivers who regularly creep over the speed limit, push the drink driving limit and get easily distracted in the car need to take responsibility, change their behaviour, because that can ultimately save lives," said the Commissioner of Road Safety, Kim Papalia.

Running across TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social media and search, The Brand Agency worked in close partnership with Carat, who were responsible for media and campaign strategy.

Nick Bayes, General Manager at The Brand Agency added, "We have been wanting to work with the Road Safety Commission for many years and to now have the opportunity to do so is very exciting. The campaign brings together three very different negative behaviours in an entertaining way, that I believe will not only resonate with the audience but also change their behaviour for the better."

Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth
Creative Director: Craig Buchanan
Creative Team: Dave Donald, Steve Straw
Agency Producer: Belinda Di Corti
Head of Strategy: Alison Ray
Account Director: Natalie Pearson
Production Company: Open Space Productions
Executive Producer: BĂ©atrice Masia
Director: Simon Levene
Media: Mark Pinney, Paul Clout (Carat)
RSC Principal Intelligence Analyst: David Slack-Smith
RSC Campaign Project Officer: Alisia Mumby


'Tis the season said:

Of all the holiday season road safety ads doing the rounds, these are the best so far.

George said:

Love the drinking and phone spots, both got a laugh from me. They make their point with humour.

The speeding one probably won't cut through - it just looks like the police harassing a harried mum for being a couple of km over. There's already a lot of resistance to that message, so it needs a clear demonstration of potential harm.

Go West said:

Well I wasn't expecting that. In a good way.

Ronaldo said:

Soccer spot is the best in the campaign. The scenario is the most believable.

jacob said:

yo lit ad, luvd it su much

ligi said:

this is all shit

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