Cadbury launches Cadbury Joy Deliveries Christmas campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.35.20 PM.jpgCadbury has officially kicked off its Christmas campaign with the launch of a new TVC via Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, and is bringing the campaign to life with a multi-platform approach; through a series of experiences, supported by PR, content and social, delivering joy across Australia, with a new joy delivery every week for five weeks.

Cadbury will deliver joy each week, centered around its four iconic Christmas and Gifting products: Cadbury Advent Calendar, Cadbury Baubles, Cadbury Favourites and Cadbury Dairy Milk Giftbox.

The brand will cover a lot of ground around the country over the festive season with a giant Cadbury Deliveries truck planned to travel to each event and location. At the heart of each experience will lie a PR, content and social-led approach to announce and amplify each event; spreading joy to millions of Australian's ahead of Christmas.

The campaign kicked off on the weekend with First Fleet Park playing host to the first Cadbury Joy Delivery: Christmas Countdown. At this event, an Advent takeover featuring four themed pop-up stations, transformed the park into a magical Christmas wonderland. Festive traditions we all know and love including snapping your family Christmas photo with Santa or sharing a moment with your loved one under the mistletoe, came to life; creating an unforgettable family experience.

Newcastle is the second stop, with the Cadbury Joy Deliveries transforming Civic Park into a Christmas tree wonderland to launch their newest Christmas product, Cadbury Baubles. Locals will be invited to decorate a forest of Christmas trees using the new Baubles range.

Amongst the forest, will be an enormous signature tree with a giant mirror strategically placed above the tree to create a unique illusion for attendees, that they are floating above the tree to hang a bauble on it.

Cronulla is up next with a beach get-together brought to you by Cadbury Favourites, celebrating the fact that sand is the snow of Christmas in Australia. More than 15 tonnes of sand will be delivered to Cronulla Park to transform the area into a spectacular Santa Sleigh sculpture, beach goers will have the chance to build their own sand monument and ice cream trucks on site to hand out free ice cream accompanied by your choice of your favourite Favourites on top.

The Cadbury Joy Deliveries campaign will end with a bang as Eurovision and X-Factor Winner, Dami Im and her Cadbury Christmas Choir surprise a select number of deserving CBD-based Melbournians and their colleagues by singing their favourite carols. To win a choir for your office, you can head to

Says Kjetil Undhjem, director marketing chocolate ANZ, Cadbury: "We are delighted for the first time ever to be supporting the Cadbury masterbrand with this unique multi-platform approach at Christmas. Cadbury is a brand that has a long history of bringing joy to Australian families' lives and we're proud to continue this at Christmas with our Cadbury Joy Deliveries, helping us achieve our ambition of making Cadbury synonymous with Christmas."

Client: Mondelez International
Creative: Saatchi & Saatchi
Activations: Banter
PR: iD Collective
Media: Carat 


Joysus our saviour said:

Cadbury has successfully transformed into the hillsong church of advertising.

Re Above... said:

That's funny.

please.. said:

Creative Director presenting idea: "and you can order the Joy Delivery truck via a partnership with uber"
Client: Uhhhh no, stop presenting on demand delivery ideas..just make us a bloody pop up

seriously said:

A good PR person knows when to issue a press release and also when to not to

Nostalgia said:

Ah, I remember when Saatchis were proudly, nay uncompromisingly creative

Um. said:

Thats not a TVC.

Its an online video, airing on TV.

Side note- poor Dami Im. Surely she is above singing Christmas carols to an office party....

@Nostalgia said:

And I remember when decent creatives didn't use gay language like 'ah', 'nay' and 'uncompromisingly'.

Sell out.

@ @Nostalgia said:

Do gays have their own language do they?

Or are you meaning that as a derogatory term?

Its 2016. Time to grow up.

The day that advertising died... said:

What did I just watch? A chocolate giveaway filmed in portrait on a phone. Welcome to advertising in the early 21st century, eh. This makes me very sad for Saatchi, Cadbury and consumers alike. How can you call this a TVC?

@12:16 said:

I meant it as it's originally meant, as in 'light-hearted and carefree' or 'showy'.

Take your PC bro crap elsewhere, you nonce.

@ @@NOstalgia said:

Clearly you have your own language. Its totally lacking punctuation.

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