Asahi Super Dry continues search for beer perfection in latest film via TBWA, Auckland

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 8.53.08 AM.jpgTBWA, Auckland has launched a new film in support of Asahi Super Dry, the number one beer in Japan.
Says Andy Havill, category manager - NZ beer and cider, Independent Liquor: "Asahi Super Dry is a beer with perfection at its heart and this is a playful take on the serious science that goes into our product."

Originally developed as a result of a 5000 person survey in the Japan, Asahi pioneered a new direction for beer in Japan and the world, inspiring many imitations in its wake.

Says Christy Peacock, ECD, TBWA, Auckland: "Asahi is dedicated to perfection. In fact, they believe so strongly that their beer is as close to perfection as a beer can be, they are now focusing on other ways that the drinking experience can be improved on. Like calibrating bar robots to pour their beer at the precise angle. It's a quintessentially Japanese respect for precision and devotion to the art of beer drinking."
The spot features beer drinkers who are similarly devoted in this belief. It's a love letter to beer, captured on film.
Client: Independent Liquor
Group Category Manager - Beer & Cider: Anna Lawrence
Category Manager - NZ Beer & Cider: Andy Havill
Agency: TBWA, Auckland
ECD: Christy Peacock
Senior Creative Team: David Sylvester and Watchara Tansrikeat
Producer: Jodie Hari
Account Director: Aimee Knox
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Head of planning: Steve Clark
Film Production: Curious
Director: Daniel 'Maxy' Max
DOP: Chris Mauger
Agency Edit Suite and Graphics: Jim Hudson
Music: Jonathan Bree / Liquid Studios


Old CD Guy said:


sorry said:

that is so bad and dull.

Beer Afficianado said:

I lean towards praising this spot. It says Asahi understands beer by recognising the importance of getting a good head. I'll leave the innuendo of that statement to others.

The Knowing said:

Old Group Head Guy likes it.Wow the guys at TBWA will be SO relieved.
We know who you are and we know you are a wanker OGHG.
Go away.

Young CD dude said:

It might not be 'the big ad' but it's the first funny beer commercial I've seen in a long time.

Stack up against anything from the last 3 years from
• Carlton Pure Blonde
• Tooheys New
• Hahn Superdry
• Boags
• James Squire
• Coopers

and then tell me why it's so shit.

Young CD dude said:

And 'The Knowing'

You sound like a c*nt. Who cares if you don't like this ad or Old CD Guy, stop spraying your negativity all over this blog.

RR said:

Young dudes don't refer to themselves as young dudes Old Group Head Guy.
But old dudes do.Yes,we know it's you.So transparent.And the use of the C word confirms it is you.Time for a new monicker mate.

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