BWM Dentsu + Will O'Rourke create 'Tailor Made' experience for Chadstone - the fashion capital

6 (1).jpgCB Exclusive - In partnership with production company Will O'Rourke, BWM Dentsu has launched an activation with a surprise twist - The Tailor Made Store. Curated by a unique algorithm and assembled by a team of expert stylists, the store invited consumers to interact with it, reacting and transforming in real time to offer a curated experience to suit each individual. Creating a truly tailor made experience, every time.

Borrowing from the best in fashion, technology and set design, the store was a unique activation for the new, improved Chadstone.  It was part of a 'Tailor Made' repositioning platform encompassing a multitude of media touch points. On launch day more than 100,000 people visited the centre.

7 (1).jpgSays Simon Bagnasco, executive creative director, BWM Dentsu: 'The Tailor Made store is a ground breaking project we are very proud to have created for Chadstone. Each iteration was truly unique - not a single person who entered had the same experience."

Tanya Lunardon, marketing director, 8 (1).jpgChadstone Shopping Centre, said the Tailor Made campaign perfectly illustrated the evolution of Chadstone into a space that offered something for everyone: "Chadstone attracts more than 20 million customers per year and is continually evolving to meet these customer's needs. We're going beyond general retail, creating an experience which 9 (1).jpgextends to the best in shopping, dining and entertainment.

"We are opening up the night time economy with after-hours cinemas, elevated dining options and events, continuing our 34-hour Christmas shopping marathon, and will host the Southern Hemisphere's only Legoland Discovery Centre.

"The innovative execution of the Tailor Made campaign is a creative way to demonstrate Chadstone's breadth and show people first-hand how qualified Chadstone is to provide a distinct and personalised experience with every visit."

The in-store experience brought to life the wider Tailor Made campaign which includes digital, OOH, press, radio, social, in-centre and PR.

Tanya Lunardon -  Marketing Director
Sophie Betts - Marketing Manager Communications
Georgia Bailey - Marketing, Events & Tourism Project Manager

BWM Dentsu
Rob Belgiovane - Chief Creative Officer
Simon Bagnasco - Executive Creative Director
Phil van Bruchem - Creative Director
Chris Andrews - Creative Director
Rachel Blacklaws - Copywriter
Alexandra Walding - Art Director
Natalia Shore - Group Account Director
Deanne Pascoe - Account Director
Stephanie Bond - Account Manager
Karlene van Opdorp - Onscreen Producer
Mikael Perhirin - Head of Digital and Customer Experience
Mac Wright - Digital Strategist
Emerald Cowell - Junior Digital Producer
Danielle West - Community Manager

Will O'Rourke
Production Company - Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director - The Glue Society's Luke Nuto
Managing Director/EP- Michael Ritchie
EP/Head of Projects - Josh Mullens
Producer - Alex Kember
DOP - Earle Dresner
Production Designer - Gus Smith  

Viviens Creative Melbourne
Stylist - Sophie Barker

Post House - Method Studios
Producer - Doireann Lally
Editor - Drew Moden
Colourist - Ciara Gallogly
Online - Felicity Stalph

Music Supervision - Level Two, Tracy Callan     
Sound Studio - Front of House
Producer - Phil Kenihan
Senior Sound Engineer - Phil Kenihan


Nice stunt, shame about the point said:

Not sure what the point is - you're in a mall. There are lots of different shops. What are you trying to tell me with this?

Mister Pantsman said:

Average idea, but how hot is Charli?

melomelbourne said:

Nice work guys!

Noah said:

Very slick but what's the idea? Does the app live on past the activation and serve up tailor made specials? If not, aren't we just telling people already in a shopping mall that there are many different shops in a shopping mall?

The emperors nuts said:

awesome dressing, nothing in the window.

Yep said:

Like, nice one

@noah said:

Are you serious? It's a ball tearing activation that got everybody pumped. Job done. Everything doesn't have to have an idea in it.

Peed the money up against a wall said:


Not again said:

Polished, pointless and i'm guessing ineffective.

Garth B said:

Nice one

Wack af said:

This is what happens when you get people who are fundamentally uncool to try and create something cool.

Han said:

Actually seems pretty damn nice for a store build & activation piece.

@Noah said:

Truth, but it's a shopping mall. Whatcha gonna do with a shopping mall? Surely rustling up a bit of excitement is as good as it gets?

As long as lots of people get to see it, not just people already in the mall, I reckon it's a solid effort.

Yes said:

This is the kind of activation I'd expect to see in a version of Campaign Brief that is personalised to suit my tastes and preferences.

Nice work.

Truth time said:

This is in a whole other league to anything done under the previous regime. That dinner party ad they did for Domain was truly the worst thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a cow having babies.

cool guy said:

*braces for awards*

@noah said:

Everything needs to have an idea in it.

Porky's said:

The video states that 'Each day 85,000 people visited..and signed up to Instagram'. If this was actually true that equates to around 120 per minute. Not much of a tailored experience.
I do think it's pretty cool, these case study lies just annoy me.

@truth time said:

Honey, talk a brother down through a cow having babies. Sounds lit

I'm confused said:

Was the idea the video?
We're the credits for the video?
Um... Here's the thing...they are already in what was the point?

Try to keep up. said:

It's not that hard. The idea is simple and clear.

Problem: A shopping mall like Chadstone is so fucking big it's impersonal.

Solution: Here's a way to show customers (I'm sure somewhere like Chaddy calls them patrons or guests or some such nonsense, but they're customers) that while we're so fantastically enormous we have something for everyone, we can also be quite personal and for the next couple of days we can provide a tailored service that can help you find what you need so you don't have to wander around all day getting stuck behind the fucktards who treat shopping malls like a day camp.

Now the idea they sold in may have been a variation of the theme, but it's obvious that there is at least an idea. What do you own? Personalised service. That's an idea.

On a sidenote, a few less agency staff in the video might help, as would some slightly more realistic data claims. You may also like to avoid terms such as "groundbreaking" and "algorithm", but that's just a personal thing. They make my ass twitch.

@try to keep up said:

Unfortunately, I don't think 'hey people already in our mall, we can actually be quite personal for a few days' was the brief. If it was, the marketing director should be shot for blowing what must be a fairly large chunk of change on something that half solves a non-issue for the wrong audience.

And they don't own personalised service. They're a mall. It would be like a car brand making one of their cars fly, once, then proclaiming themselves The Brand with The Flying Cars.

Thing is, I really like this. It's fresh and very well produced. And I reckon it would have been a great thing to interact with. If the brief was to create a cool experience to make existing customers like Chadstone a bit more, this is really great. But if the brief was to get more people through the door than in FY15/16, I don't think it does the trick.

Geography said:

I didn't read past the headline: Chadstone is now the fashion capital?

That's really funny.

Next Penrith, then Slough.

Finally! said:

I always wanted to know what an algorithm looked like!

@@try to keep up said:

Yeah well shut up.

@4:31 said:

That's telling him, Captain Repartee. That's telling him real good.

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