New online platform AdMusic set to revolutionise music in advertising, headed by Matt Hayward

Matt-Hayward - Admusic 2017.jpgA new model for creating original music for advertising has arrived with the launch of online music composition service AdMusic that connects award-winning music composers with creative agencies and brands by facilitating the scoring, licensing and payment process.

Signifying the demand for a more convenient and affordable process and more equitable payment structure for composers that doesn't undervalue their craft, AdMusic connects agencies with composers from around the world to deliver their clients with original music scores for TVCs and content, providing an alternative channel to the production of original music for screen.

AdMusic founder and executive music producer, Matt Hayward (left), says the idea behind the platform, and going online, is to streamline the whole process of getting original music scored, making it easier for both agency and composer alike. He says the next generation of agency creatives and producers has grown up online so procuring original music this way is the natural next step.
Says Hayward: "The industry has changed radically over the past five years and shrinking budgets have determined to a large degree the way we now do business. With multiple award winning screen composers at our fingertips, who are happy to pitch for work, and agencies and their clients looking to have original music scored on tighter budgets, we believe working online is going to become the norm."

Working in the music and advertising space for over 20 years, initially as a composer, and then as a producer / facilities manager, along with founding and running several audio post production businesses over the years, Hayward believes the craft of scoring music to picture is an essential element in bringing any film that requires music to life, no matter what the format.

Says Hayward: "For years I have been challenging my clients to allow this process to be a part of their project from the start, rather than creating music upfront for a TVC or content piece that hasn't even been shot or edited. Working to picture has always been, and will always be the preferred method for any professional screen composer to create and craft their work.

"Professional screen composers now have the opportunity to work on briefs from around the world, and in different time zones, out of professional audio post production facilities or from the convenience and freedom of their own home studios. They also get the chance to utilize any of their existing tracks that might be perfect for a particular brief."

To check out the AdMusic reel click here. For more information please contact executive producer Matt Hayward on


Wayward said:

Nice one Matty!

PD said:

Great idea Matt will try it out next year.

Jim said:

Interesting concept mate best of luck.

Rob said:

Nice one geezer site looks great best of luck.

Emily said:

Looks great Matt will pass around agency.

Ridgy said:

Looks great Matt !

IMO said:

Personally I'm not a fan of crowdsourcing as it normally results in a substandard product and, in my opinion, devalues the profession.

Interested to hear arguments from the other side though.

Gen Z ! said:

@IMO - I don't think crowd sourcing devalues a profession at all.....In the end if the product or service you are sourcing via an online provider isn't any good then don't use it or pay for it but if it's on brief and in your / clients budget then it's another great option in delivering quality work.

mozart said:

So the composers demo and time has not value? thanks matt.

Admusic said:

@Mosart.....No not at all we have been very forthcoming in wanting to make it a business model that favours the composer. So yes the composers will demo for free but if their track is selected they receive a significantly larger share of the licensing fee and retain 100% of the publishers share.

This is a crowd sourcing model however the "crowd" are all heavily respected and or award winning screen composers, who have a good understanding of the TVC / Content medium. In other words, guys and girls who "get" a brief and generally nail it first time around.

Im always open to chat to you further offline and answer any concerns or questions you may have at


muso1975 said:

This is great! Just what we need to make music licensing for ads etc easier! About time!

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