NRMA Insurance partners up with CSIRO Data61 to create the 'NRMA Fireblanket' prototype via Tricky Jigsaw, part of M&C Saatchi Sydney

3 (1).jpgNRMA Insurance has embarked on a new project to explore the potential of fire prevention technologies with leading science organisation Data61, a division of CSIRO.
The partnership with CSIRO Data61 follows almost two years of research and development with innovation partner Tricky Jigsaw, part of the M&C Saatchi Group, to build and test an early bushfire detection prototype called NRMA FireBlanket.

NRMA FireBlanket is an early bushfire detection and monitoring network prototype made up of sensor nodes that sniff the air for bushfire smoke. If smoke is detected they can communicate with each other via a wireless sensor network to help locate the source.

The partnership with CSIRO Data61 will see the NRMA FireBlanket prototype tested and evaluated alongside other bushfire prevention technologies to determine if it could complement existing initiatives.
Says Jane Merrick, general manager of marketing and customer experience for NRMA Insurance: "NRMA Insurance has a long history of being there for customers before, during and after a disaster. With one in 10 Australians being impacted by bushfire at some point in their lives, we have developed the NRMA FireBlanket project to explore the role technology can play in helping us to detect and prevent bushfires.
"We are proud of the work that has gone into developing the NRMA FireBlanket project over the last two years with Tricky Jigsaw. We have now engaged CSIRO's Data61 whose bushfire experience will help explore ways to move the NRMA FireBlanket project forward."
Says Ben Cooper, innovation partner, Tricky Jigsaw: "This project has allowed us to collaborate on a prototype that has the potential to create on the ground 'bush intelligence' that gives always-on insight into bushfire conditions and threat. R&D continues with CSIRO's Data 61 to move it closer to reality."
Says Michael Canning, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi: "Bushfires are a real danger for many Australian communities. NRMA FireBlanket is an exciting initiative we're collaborating on with NRMA Insurance to help make Australian homes and Australian families safer. We're looking forward to sharing more about the prototype as we undertake further testing."

Client: NRMA Insurance
Agency: M&C Saatchi Sydney
Tech Partner: Tricky Jigsaw
Product Design: Vert Design
Production Company: Kite Productions - Josh Moore
Post Production: Alt VFX, Heckler
Sound: Sound Reservoir
Media: Mindshare


i get it said:

you swapped sharks for fire. is that it?

Is this real life yet? said:

Looks like the Prototype Lions has its first serious contender for Grand Prix.

Is this real life? said:

Looks like the Prototype Lions has its first contender for Grand Prix.

hah said:

So, outdoor smoke detectors.

Here come the dickheads said:

Write down your bitter trollisms now and come back in July 2017.

M&Copy said:

It was better the first time Oglivy & Mather Spain did it for their client Generali Insurance.

Shame. As long as it saves lives I guess and isn't entered into award shows!

M&C Copy you sound... said:

...short and bitter.
Have another pint of Pure Genius.

Haha said:

@isthisreallife/yet so bitter you had to write it twice. So dumb you couldn't remember exactly what you wrote. Classic.

eesh said:

All that time, money and head hours for a 'prototype' that has already been 'prototyped' in Spain.

Still it's all about saving lives right?

It won't win any awards now cause it's been done, but you'll keep investigating and spending time and money on rolling it out wontcha fellas?

Cannes winner said:

2 years to develop something that has already been prototyped. Why?

2 years to do what? It can't have taken 2 years for Vert to design that?

I could have bought a Smart Citizen kit and tested the theory in days.

If you'd done some research you might have come up with a solution that has a real chance of working. E.g The HIMAWARI-8 satellite.

To "eesh" their own said:

@Eesh we're so happy you found a fully functioning ad awards crystal ball.
You have amazing power now. Don't waste it on CB. Go and make something award winning that you now know will win, instead of all your usual failed attempts.
And maybe check your ball for when this idea was first had. No wait, you just have to be able to read properly. Shame. Some things even a ball can't teach...

Sticky Jigsaw said:

Yes it's been done. And this hasn't done it any better.

That's all that matters when you're designing products.

M&Copy hard said:

Snap! Not only is the product identical so is the website!

Did you honestly think no one would notice?

Ouch said:

That's gotta hurt. Pipped to the post by a birdhouse.

To eesh their own said:

I know you're hurting champ, thought you were getting the short walk glory at Cannes, probably already booked the flights and picked out a nice bone white fedora. But it ain't gonna happen. So suck it up princess, put some salve on that butt hurt and get back to the real chum that M&C churns out on NRMA.

Amazing said:

Guys this is as embarrassing as the shark thing (what's happened with it - nothing). Saatchi outback calling thing - a complete scam. Peggy from JWT (for fucks sake). And now this

These things. These prototypes. These story boards disgust me.

How much money did u give the Csiro so some poor schmo would say he's working with you on this storyboard.

Please stop pretending to innovate on things that matter when it's all bullshit. It's all bullshit.

@ all the copy hate said:

Do your research. bird house smoke alarm was released 3 months ago.. M&C have been on this two years. It's still going to save lives. Just because your in the game for awards only. Whole teams worked two years on this as did another agency the other side of the world. Two great ideas coming from the same thought at the same time. Bugger off. Release it. Be proud. That's hard work.

Hi said:

I really hope everyone in this video is a little embarrassed.

Hegarty said:

I have a prototype for a print ad. It's not designed or shot yet or running. Can I upload it on CB please.


The University of Melbourne have developed a computer program called Phoenix Rapidfire that can predict the likely path of a bushfire, just a few minutes after it starts. It's truly amazing work. Check it out:

Chief Burlesque Director said:

When you're up shit creek without an award.... you've still the canoe....

reality check? said:

Really like the idea and intention, but not convinced it would work at scale.
- how easy is it to detect smoke given wind direction?
- given the size of bushland areas in Australia (near houses) you'd need tens of thousands
- What % of fires actually start near houses...aren't they more likely to start in bushland or by arsonists (which it won't stop).
- How much would this all cost?

You people are sad and hilarious said:

Every time there's a trolling shitfest like this, the thing goes on to win more awards than all of your little finalist-packed portfolios put together.
Come back in a year to compare hauls.

@Amazing said:

Keep up mate.

If you surfed you'd know those bad boys are rolling out in NSW now.
As will this. Come out from under that rock buddy. The weather is sweet out here. And ad innovation is truly changing our landscape. But you probably still write radio ads. Or worse yet. Think TV is still the main dish.

M&Copy harder said:

@ all the copy hate,
Very easy to say an agency has been working on an idea for years to cover up similarities. If true, then I'm sure Generali have been working on it for years too!

Nope said:

The very premise of the idea is a blanket, so unless this is implemented at scale it will be completely ineffective. Secondly, the birdhouse version is done with more style and added utility. As mentioned previously, too many of these IoT ideas are being rolled out for award chasing only, backed with some big agency money for no real consumer benefit.

The Nope's Nose said:

@Nope you have no idea what you're talking about.

Firstly, Bird's Nest is the one that was done purely for awards. If you opened your eyes you'd notice it ran in April for the last-minute Cannes run.
Unlike this, it was just a board and animation; this is actually a working prototype launched before the Aussie bushfire season (yes, that's a little more relevant).
As a footnote, if you read a little deeper, Bird's Nest won zilch at Cannes and a bronze at the Black Dill Awards in Lisbon. And that'll be it for scam.
Which this isn't.

Amazing how some ad people can be so ignorant and blind to detail.

Some Perspective said:

Firstly this is a project funded by one of the biggest insures in the country, NRMA.
It is not a Karate school, it's a huge corporation.

Secondly, what is the problem with prototypes. Every single working available product has been a prototype at one point in it's exists. Do we have a problem with the car industry making hundreds of prototypes? They inspire innovation, they promote experimentation, who doesn't want that in our industry?
Who doesn't want that relationship with their clients? A client on billings alone that is the envy of every CEO in the country and now they have gone beyond the normal client agency relationship and co produced a product with the intension of saving lives. Just a little perspective please...

The Problem said:

Let me sum it up for you staunch defenders,

M&C's advertising work on NRMA is poor.

The agency needs to improve it's standard game, not practice trick shots.

You won't retain a client on a prototype alone.

NRMA's core business is risk mitigation

It's not a fire prevention product, it's a risk mitigation initiative (nothing new here)

Amazing said:

Just how many cry baby M&C employees have run in to defend this mediocre idea that will never see the light of day in any form of commercial reality.

Get over it.

What is next to roll out for the awards? Let me see...

Water detection to prevent flooding
Mosquito detection to prevent airborne disease
Gas detection to prevent illness
Snake detection to prevent snake bites
Kangaroo detection to prevent car crashes

1) Select lame IoT idea from above and pair with desperate client
2) produce single prototype and content spot
3) produce award entry

Dragon said:

They sure do talk it up at Tricky Jigsaw. I imagine selling this stuff in is like a Dragons Den pitch "My names Ben and I'm looking for an award in exchange for this prototype with PR value of $100,000"

Dragon "Tell me more about your business plan"

Punter Verdict said:

They're running sponsored posts for this on Facebook. The comments are overwhelmingly negative.

Remember this come award time.

Another perspective said:

@ some perspective
You're missing the point.
Why are we advertising prototypes and entering them into awards?
It's just another word for scam.

They're not real products available to consumers.
You can make up any old shit and get backing for it.

What about... said:

... a poo detector that warns you before the next Mr Confidence ad comes on?

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