Alternative Meat Co. and Dave Hughes 'lamb-ast' MLA Australia Day ads in new content via Poem

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 10.59.17 am.jpgA new campaign for the Alternative Meat Co. (AMC) via Sydney PR/social agency Poem, has bit back against the idea that eating meat on Australia Day makes you more Australian.

The Facebook video which pokes fun at early 'Eat Lamb' campaigns by Meat and Livestock Australia famously fronted by Sam Kekovich, highlights the increasing number of people in Australia looking to eat less meat and encourage people to try something alternative this Australia Day.

Dean Epps, general manager at Life Health Foods Australia, the creators of the AMC brand, says the video doesn't aim to convince people they should be vegetarians.

Says Epps: "As Hughsey correctly references, 'it doesn't need to moo to be true blue'. Our country has some of the most diverse foods in the world available so why not throw something Vego on the Barbie this Australia Day."

The Facebook led content idea is the second phase of the AMC launch and was developed by Poem, supported by publicity, Facebook media, retargeting and native content with Junkee.

Says Rob Lowe, co-founder, Poem: "The goal was to tap into an ongoing and relevant national conversation about changing food trends and meat consumption, giving a voice to the Millions of Australians out there who are leading an increasingly more meat free, alternative diet.

"The challenge we set ourselves was to create a campaign that would raise the debate in an engaging, shareable and significant way, whilst increasing awareness of The Alternative Meat Co's new innovative plant based product. It's great example of our approach to humanising PR and social media by injecting culturally relevant concepts that people care about, into brand communications."

The video has prompted a passionate Facebook discussion around Australian perceptions of meat and follows Poem's hugely successful brand launch video for the Alternative Meat Co. that featured Hughesy disguised in kebab shop, serving unsuspecting kebab fans, a meat free kebab. The video engaged audiences, receiving more than 1.4 million views, 11 thousand shares and 3.8 thousand comments with an organic reach of over 65%.

The Alternative Meat Co. is a new plant-based meat alternative available in Coles, Woolworths and IGA. It looks, smells and tastes like meat, but is better for the environment and contains no cholesterol.

Client - Life Health Foods
Brand - Alterative Meat Co.
Creative, PR and social agency - Poem
Video production - Ideosphere


YES: said:

Love this.

New AD guy said:

I'll take the lamb any day.

good said:


Kimmie said:

Launching this on the same day as the Lamb ad is a brilliant strategy.

George said:

This is actually funny.

Hughsie up to 11, and extremely self-aware - it takes the stereotypes and makes them ridiculous.

Compare this to the weak lamb ad, and it's night and day.

HitlerWasNeinInchesFlaccid said:

Aside from Hughsie sounding like a man cursed with forever being on the verge of passing a huge bowl movement, or having a massive stroke, or quite possibly both simultaneously, I thought this was pretty neat. Good message. Can we PLEASE fuck off the lamb fetish already!?

Luke Warm said:

Good script, well written. Interesting idea to parody the SK lamb ads.

I think Dave Hughes' performance is pretty average. Gives me the impression he is reading it off an autocue for about the first time (inflections, emphasis seems awkward, often misplaced).

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