Bentley Motors launches touring experience with Carrspace, Melbourne

5 (1).jpgTo bring to life its rich history and the fascinating mavericks that helped shape the brand, Bentley Motors engaged Melbourne-based brand experience agency Carrspace to design and deliver an exhibition that will tour around Australia and Asia over the next 12 months.
Designed to showcase the unique nature of the most luxurious carmaker in the world, the exhibition is full of curious and little-known stories about the craftsmanship, characters and racing heritage that have made the Bentley marque so distinctive.
7 (1).jpgThe main focus for Carrspace and Bentley is on creating unexpected and human connections between the brand and its audience. The intent, of course, is to extend reach, drive engagement and ultimately, increase sales.
The aim of Paul Edwards, Carrspace's creative director, was to create an immersive and rewarding experience that gave people a chance to get up close and personal with Bentley.
Says Paul: " When developing the exhibition, we were acutely aware of creating an experience that sells cars as well as stories. Although a 100-year-old brand, Bentley has a powerful and contemporary offering that many people aren't aware of.
"I would definitely encourage marketers and brands to invite their audience to embark on a experiential journey as a way of amplifying their marketing investment.'


Utter gibberish said:

What is this nonsense?

Gobble dee gook said:

That all sounds incomprehensible

Bentley driver said:

Shite I say.

Who gave the muppets the keys? said:

This looked cheap.
Worse, it felt cheap - like a plain old marquee always does.
And the release above is just plain silly. "Experiential experience"...WTF?
I'd be amazed if this "experiential journey" is 'amplifying their marketing investments".
Global benchmark my arse.
Goodwood might be a good place to look for inspiration re that one.

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