Masterfoods builds on 'Make Dinnertime Matter' platform with new film via Clemenger Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.24.42 pm.jpgMars Food Australia has launched its new campaign for MasterFoods via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, encouraging all Australian's to Make Dinnertime Matter.

The work follows last year's launch of the Make Dinnertime Matter platform, and is inspired by the insight that dinnertime rituals are different in every family, and that's what makes it special.

Says Tim Hicks, marketing director, Mars Food, Australia: "We believe dinnertime should be a time to be enjoyed with your loved ones. At MasterFoods we're proud to have a product range that enables everyone, regardless of cooking ability, time or budget, to Make Dinnertime Matter."

The moving story shows how a simple dinnertime tradition can become something special that's passed down through the generations, and acts as a reminder that nothing beats a home-cooked dinner with loved ones.

The film was directed by Finch's Jae Morrison and features a cover version of Stevie Winwood's ''Higher Love", performed by his daughter.

Says Luke Hawkins and Ben Smith, CDs, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney: "We've lost count of how many times we've watched this film during production, yet every time we do, we're inspired to get home for dinner. Hopefully the rest of Australia will feel the same."

The campaign will run across Australia and New Zealand across TV and online channels throughout 2017, view it here.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Paul Nagy
Creative Director: Luke Hawkins
Creative Director: Ben Smith
Creative: Carolina Pinheiro
Creative: Guilherme Machado
Head of Planning: Kit Lansdell
Group Account Director: Charlie Elliott
Senior Account Director: Emily Taylor
Account Director: George Robertson
Senior TV Producer: Jo Howlett
Senior Sound Engineer: Anthony Tiernan
Offline Editor: Tim Mauger
Online Editor: Quade Biddle

Production Company: Finch
Director: Jae Morrison
EP/Head of Projects: Karen Bryson
Producer: Claire Thompson
DOP: Tim Tregoning
Post Production: Finch
Post Producer: Hazel Gibson
Marketing Director, Mars Food Australia: Tim Hicks
Marketing Manager, Mars Food Australia: Dave Pearson
Senior Brand Manager, Mars Food Australia: Margaret Hooper


unfortunate said:

just vommed in my mouth

Ja wah? said:

Looks like they're missing Ben Coulson already...

Perfectly cast said:

The song helped me vomit beyond my mouth and all over my lap.

Please get a life said:

This sums it up: Says Luke Hawkins and Ben Smith, CDs, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney: "We've lost count of how many times we've watched this film during production, yet every time we do, we're inspired to get home for dinner. Hopefully the rest of Australia will feel the same."

I love when this happens, too said:


@ I love etc said:

If you're suggesting the cheese spot is the same because it shows a family getting older then you are a moron. This has been done by multiple brands for years. None better than this spot from over a decade before your fresh cheese.

@I love when this happens said:

and another example... because coon weren't the first...but then again you probably worked on it and thought you were original and creative.


George said:

Make tomato sauce great again.

Steve Winwood's daughter said:

I have a name. It's Lilly.

@ above said:

No I didn't work on it but thanks for proving my point that this idea has been done before, a lot. And, funnily enough, that Australians make worse ads than New Zealanders.

And thanks for calling me a moron. I wish you all the best.

@@above said:

Sorry. I didn't call you a moron. I said that if you thought the cheese and this ad were the same, then you were a moron. I think you've just self-identified.

My eyes are leaking... said:

Owch. My heartstrings!

OMG so emotional. I cried and cried and cried.

And when the kid *sniff* picked up the sauce *sniff*- the look on the dads face *sniff*

What a great way to position TOMATO SAUCE.

Aussie in NYC said:

Thank you CB commenters for reminding me why I left Aus. Petty, cynical and unproductive.

Really? said:

Did they copy Nick Scali's brand work last year with Steve Winwood's softer version of 'Higher Love'???

Hardly an original work.....really Clems - you can do better than ripping of a retailer's concept.


Some people just don't get what is all about this ad!! said:

This is not about getting older tv ad its about family fun getting passed to younger generations and its done well!!!
Maybe if you do spend time with kids at dinner table you would get it what is all about!!

Venus said:

The only complaint I have with this ad is the lack of manners by the young lady/girl. Only the Dad says please when asking for the sauce, not a good image for the young of today. Manners are getting harder and harder to find these days.

Annie B said:

Yet, another example of Australian Advertising Agencies incapable of adding a simple please or thank you to the commercial content. A sad reflection on where society is headed. Manners do not cost!

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