AAMI launches new innovation AAMI SmartPlates app for learner drivers via Ogilvy, Melbourne

1_Screens.jpgOne of Australia's leading insurers, in collaboration with Ogilvy Melbourne, has launched AAMI SmartPlates, an innovative app giving L-platers an alternative to the traditional logbook.

AAMI SmartPlates allows young drivers to track their learning progress in real time and pinpoints skills that need practicing. It uses smartphone technology to live-track a learner's hours, route choice, weather, road and traffic conditions, and then provides comprehensive feedback on progress.

2_Film.jpgAAMI is a Suncorp brand and the company's chief customer experience officer, Mark Reinke, said: "AAMI research indicates young Australian drivers are most at risk of being involved in an accident. As it's no secret that millennials use technology to manage almost every aspect of their lives, we thought it was time to rethink how 3_Coach.jpgwe teach our kids to drive and bring the Learner Driver program into the digital world."

Says David Ponce de Leon, executive creative director, Ogilvy in Melbourne: "This massive digital undertaking is in line with Ogilvy's belief that any brand can 'say', but great brands 'do'. AAMI SmartPlates brings AAMI's 'Not Very 5_Outdoor.jpgInsurancey' brand platform to life by evolving the insurance company from one that simply covers accidents, to one that aims to prevent them from happening.

"It's a big idea that proves AAMI is truly different and we believe it can make a real difference to road safety."

The AAMI SmartPlates powerful 'Road Block' feature switches on whenever a Learner starts driving. On Android devices, 'Road Block' silences all incoming calls, sending the caller an automated response informing them their friend is behind the wheel. On iOS devices, Learners receive a personalised message of discouragement when phone access is detected.

Learner drivers using the app will also be exposed to an evolving database of more than 40 driving tips, written by qualified driving instructors.

Supported by a cinema, digital, film, social and outdoor marketing campaign, AAMI SmartPlates launches this week. It's the latest in a series of digital initiatives from the brand following the successful launch of the AAMI Access app and the AAMI Lucky Club.

South Australia is the first state to accept AAMI SmartPlates as an official record of completed learner driver hours.
The AAMI SmartPlates App is available for free download now on the App Store and Google Play.

Agency Credits - Ogilvy Melbourne
Creative Team
Executive Creative Director - David Ponce de Leon
Senior Art Director - Karsten Jurkschat
Senior Copywriter - Alex Little
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CEO - David Fox
Head of Strategy - Gavin McMillan
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Agency Credits - Ogilvy PR
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Client credits:
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Technical Team - Albert Kalaja, Kiran Abraham, Ngoc Nguyen, Michael La
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Head of Brand and Marketing - Tim Hernadi
EM, AAMI Brand and Marketing - Michelle Martinis
AAMI Marketing team - Michelle Martinis, Jo-Anne Tierney, Claire Whish-Wilson, Catherine Bloxsom, Angela Grogan, Anthony Russell


Better late than never said:

Probably about time the log book went digital. Hope it works.

Good said:


Texting and driving said:

The road block thing is best part. Should be on all phones.

Don't worry about the margin said:

How many people does it take? That's the entire frigging agency.

Annoyingly obvious said:

Someone was going to do it. But well done for actually getting it out

RC said:

Nice work guys. Solving a genuine problem.

massive said:

Should get at least 10 people downloading and actively engaging with it. Because young people are really interested in doing that stuff. Well Done!!

Giving up our rights... said:

Maybe it's just me.
But I don't like the idea of Big Brother - or AAMI, his sister – spying and collecting data on our movements, whereabouts and potential mistakes.
Handing over the rights to our privacy via apps like this is the thin edge of the wedge...to Apple is bad enough, but to companies like insurers whose ultimate agenda is control and risk mitigation is just plain dumb.
My bet...they will be offering these same young drivers reduced rates if you consent to being tracked, with AAMI KNOWING if you'd made a dumb mistake...even a little one, or you were speeding by just a little bit. Every transgression will be tracked and accounted for...and sold as a consumer benefit, on behalf of the young and at-risk,
Isn't it all a bit cynical?

more of this please said:

Good to see a insurance brand doing something other than pushing policies.

@Texting and driving said:

Roadblock is not a new idea. It's been called Road Mode for four years from Vicroads. Download it here:



@don't worry about the margin said:

The entire agency except the 50 coders in Bali they outsourced the project to.. but I'm sure they will all be credited and rewarded at some point..

Harry said:

Nice one Gav! Only took 6 years to get it up!

Insider said:

For clarity, Bali development isn't some dirty secret.

We don't outsource, we have had an office in Bali for at least 6 years and we are very proud to have an incredibly talented team.

I have worked in pure play digital for over 15 years and can comfortably say they are far better developers than anywhere else I've seen.

... but yes, they should have been thanked (while others on this list should have been ignored)

Needs some bug fixing... said:

Well, based on the reviews in the app stores (both of them), the only problem is that the app doesn't work very well ! May need to get that Bali team of incredible talent to do a bit more testing...

ROI Guru said:

Within 6 weeks of the app being live, it has almost reached its ROI KPI. Boom!

Wendy said:

Hi, my daughter started using this app in July 2017 and in November we realised the app wasn’t working correctly- not all hours were being added up. Immediately I contacted AAMI. It’s now April 2018 and still waiting for the information to be corrected and a reply to say things have been sorted.. If you read this AAMI pls help me get this sorted .. I am not impressed with your customer set

Sandy said:

Sorry to say this is a massive fail. App does not work and AAMI do not suppport it. Cannot get real assistance from AAMI on the problems just keep hearing our matter is being escalated. Sorry AAMI as a brand building exercise this is a massive failureThis is a serious and regulatory requirement and you have left the young learners in the learch. False claims about this app having the ability to submit online with Qld main road is 100% false. Qld Main roads have agreed to accept the PDF but we need every log resighed and verified by the supervisor. The 0 care factor is more concerning than a non funtional app

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