Adfest 2017 Lotus Award Winners: Radio, Film, Effective, Media, Integrated, Branded Content & Entertainment, Innova Lotus and Lotus Roots

ADFEST-awards.jpgThe 20th Adfest wrapped up this year's four-day festival with an awards presentation tonight at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

Close to 1200 delegates from 69 cities in total attended the advertising creativity festival, and soaked up after international speaker sessions, breakout workshops, networking events and the huge exhibition of 3,011 entries across 18 awards categories.

Jimmy Lam, President of Adfest summed up, "We are very fortunate this year to have an extremely diligent group of Juries judging the Adfest Lotus Awards. Every individual, but especially the Super Eight panel of Jury Presidents committed their time and really went the extra mile to ensure that the award results were fair and the outcome was something they could be proud of. We truly appreciate their efforts and their commitment to making Adfest a respected festival of note on the world stage."
Radio Lotus
McCann Melbourne received a Silver award under the Retail Travel, Entertainment & Communications Media category for Melbourne International Film Festival "Made From Memory". This year there were 76 entries for Radio Lotus. Film. A total of 6 awards were announced, including 1 Gold Lotus, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze awards.

Parkinson's 1.jpgFilm Lotus
J Walter Thompson Sydney bagged a Gold award for Parkinson's NSW "The Lucky Ones" in Internet Film: Public Services & Cause Appeals category. Clemenger BBDO Wellington scored a Bronze under the category Viral Film for NZ Transport Agency "Hello". Finch Sydney won Bronze under the Travel & Leisure category for St Kilda Film Festival "Every Second Counts". There were 366 entries submitted for Film Lotus, the largest awards category at ADFEST this year. 25 Film Lotus awards were announced, including 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 15 Bronze. No Grande Lotus was awarded in Film Lotus this year.

Forever-free.jpgEffective Lotus
McCann Melbourne received Australia's only Effective award for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia "Free Puppies Forever". The Effective Lotus had increased to attract 54 entries for Adfest 2017. Entries must show results achieved against the strategy as well as the creative work and are judged on all three criteria. 7 new trophies were given out in total, which included 1 Grande Lotus and 6 Effective awards.

Thumbnail image for 0 (1).jpgMedia Lotus
Colenso BBDO Auckland won a Gold award for World Day Against Cyber Censorship "Amnesty Unblocker" in Best Use of Digital category. Saatchi & Saatchi Australia took home Gold for Toyota "Landcruiser Emergency Network" in Best Use of Mobile category, and Leo Burnett Melbourne snagged a Gold for Reword "Reword" in Best Use of Technology category. Leo Burnett Melbourne received a Gold award under the Best Use of Technology category for Reword "Reword". Media Lotus counted 250 entries. There were 35 awards given in the category, including 1 Grande, 10 Gold, 15 Silver and 9 Bronze.

PocketPatrol_lifesaver_Highres (1).jpgREWORD.jpgBranded Content & Entertainment Lotus
Leo Burnett Sydney received a Branded Content award for Samsung "Pocket Patrol" under the category Best Use of Experiential. Leo Burnett Melbourne took home a Branded Content award for Reword "Reword" under Best Use of Interactive & Social Media, as did Colenso BBDO Auckland, under Best Use of Games, for Pedigree "A Dog's Story". Branded Content and Entertainment Lotus had a growth year and counted 154 entries for 2017. There were 11 awards in the category, including ten Branded Content Lotus awards and one Grande Branded Content Lotus.

Integrated Lotus
Australia received only two finalist nominations under the Integrated category and these went to McCann Melbourne for University of Melbourne "Made Possible By Melbourne", and, Leo Burnett Sydney Samsung "Pocket Patrol". From 24 entries in the Integrated category, one Integrated Lotus trophy was awarded and seven pieces of work were finalists.

Innova Lotus
The two INNOVA Lotus awards were presented to Saatchi & Saatchi Australia for Toyota "Landcruiser Emergency Network" and Leo Burnett Melbourne for Reword "Reword". Grand Jury President, Ted Royer, says: "We judged a lot of fun work in this category, but there were two or three clear leaders. Reword is a great idea for kids who haven't yet developed a sense of empathy. We loved Toyota Landcruiser's idea of turning Landcruisers into Wi-Fi hotspots in the Australian outback, and [Toyota I-Road]'s solution for recharging electric cars. These are all ideas that we're really happy exist in the world now." The category received 36 entries this year.

Lotus Roots
Leo Burnett Sydney was the only Australian agency to receive a finalist position in the Lotus Roots category, for its work on Samsung "Pocket Patrol". From 162 entries, there was 1 Grande and 3 Lotus Roots awards.


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