Bundaberg Rum launches major new 'Unmistakably Ours' campaign via Leo Burnett, Sydney to reinvigorate the Australian Spirit

1.HERO Bundaberg-Rum-shark-TVC Still.jpgDiageo Australia has launched a major new brand campaign for Bundaberg Rum, the biggest for a decade with a media value of $20 million over the next 18 months.

The campaign, created and executed in partnership with Leo Burnett Sydney will be activated across multiple channels including TV, out of home, digital and in-store. The campaign launches with a new 90" television commercial (TVC) which will air tonight to coincide with the launch of the 2017 NRL Season and the brands second year of NRL sponsorship.

2.Bundaberg-Rum-Optimism-copy-TVC Still.jpg3.Bundaberg-Rum-Home-of-Bundy-copy.jpg4.Bundaberg-Rum-Gyton-Grantley-copy-TVC Still.jpgEntitled 'Unmistakably Ours', the campaign celebrates everything that makes Australia unique, from our wildlife to our food, our love of sport to our city and beach culture, our diversity to our enduring values. The campaign aims to unite Australians by reinvigorating love and pride for the Australian spirit - both for the iconic Bundaberg Rum but also for the values which make us who we are.

Filmed entirely in Australia, including at the home of Bundy Rum in Queensland, the 90" TV spot opens with actor Gyton Grantley reminding us about the importance of Australia's enduring values: always being there for your mates; remaining optimistic in the face of adversity; and having a crack even when the odds are stacked against you.

Supporting Gyton, the commercial features a cameo role from Olympic medalist Anna Meares and surfing hero Julian Wilson who famously paddled towards a shark in an attempt to save his mate (Mick Fanning) from an attack.

The spot also includes a Mardi Gras scene celebrating our enduring optimism and culminates in a celebration with the Bundaberg Rum team outside the Distillery in Queensland.

OOH Bundaberg-Rum-Frog.jpgOOH Bundaberg-Rum-No one does ROOMMATES like us.jpgSays Bundaberg Rum marketing manager, Jodi McLeod: "Since 1888 when the Bundaberg Distillery was born, this brand has played a significant role in Australian culture. As an iconic and enduring Australian brand we have always celebrated the Australian spirit but have never
articulated this purpose as clearly or with as much pride as we are today.

"Recent brand research highlighted that pride in Australia has dropped to its lowest point in 20 years and so, as Australia's national drink, we wanted to celebrate the spirit that's unmistakably ours and elevate the role that Bundy plays in bringing Aussies together. The campaign is a rally-cry to unite all Australians around the best of the Aussie spirit and celebrate everything that makes us and our country brilliantly unique."

"The words 'Aussie pride' come with baggage so we set out to create a campaign to remind
Australians of the values that make us truly unique today. Values we should be proud of. All while maintaining the humour that Bundy is famous for," says Vince Lagana, Joint ECD at Leo Burnett Sydney.

Out of home, TV, in-store and digital activity will use the tagline No-one does rum like us with
multiple executions in market which celebrate all facets of Australian culture.

Building on Bundy's sponsorship of the NRL, the campaign will also include off and on-premise below-the-line activity to engage fans across the footy season. This instore activation will celebrate the sport and encourage fans to Share the Spirit.

"Combined with our NRL partnership which kicked off in 2016, the launch of Bundaberg Rum Lazy Bear, our most successful RTD launch in over a decade, and now this $20 million campaign, Diageo is really getting behind the Bundaberg Rum brand and reinvigorating the Australian spirit," says McLeod.

The TVC will premiere tonight (2 March) during the first match of the 2017 NRL season on Channel 9. The brand is a proud sponsor of the NRL with Bundaberg Rum Super Saturdays returning in 2017.

Leo Burnett Sydney
* Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon, executive creative director
* Michael Dawson & Adam Bodfish, senior copywriter
* Ben Alden & Nils Eberhardt, senior art director
* Jason Young, senior designer
* Ross Cameron & Graham Alvarez, planning director
* James Walker-Smith, group business director
* Neil Duncan, business director
* Rachel Devine, senior broadcast producer
* Adrian Jung, head of print
* Linda Tran, communications strategist
* Stuart Capel, media director
* Courtney Rule, pr strategist
* Liz Hunt, publicity director
* Gideon Hornung, experience director
* Alexandra Roubine, social media strategist
* Prudence McKendry, content producer
* Kit Baker, content creator
* Gotham Pillai, content writer

Film Production
* Lachlan Dickie, director / Rabbit Content
* Lucas Jenner, executive producer / Rabbit Content
* Marcus Butler, producer / Rabbit Content
* ARC EDIT, offline
* Blackbird VFX, online
* Song Zu, music & audio
* Toni Higginbotham, casting
* Prodigious Brand Logistics, social content

Stills Production
* Jamie Macfayden, photographer / Louis & Co
* Will Palmer-Reeves, producer / Louis & Co
* Prodigious Brand Logistics, retouching

* Lauren Small, client services director
* Craig Cooper, investment & partnership director
* Alicia Phillip, digital director
* Fiona Hedge, planner/buyer
* Kate Holland, account executive

* Adam Ballesty, marketing & innovation director
* Jodi McLeod, marketing manager
* Joanna Gibson, senior brand manager
* Clara Lee, senior insights manager


MLAzy said:

I'm not going to write it twice.

BB said:

Ha, so good. Love it.

Clientless said:

Solid work. Better than most of the other alcohol stuff knocking around.

D said:

Bet you 10 bucks they think this is good

The ghost of Sebastien said:

Manifesto? tick
Nationalism? tick
Spokesman? tick
Icon? tick
love? sadly absent

RumLover said:

As much as I hate to say it, I really dig this.
So much to enjoy. A brand with real purpose and fun.

Done. said:

Nice work LB. Credit where credit is due.
Expect hate from the usual suspects.

Ben said:

Nice line. And to be fair, it's a better lamb ad than this year's lamb ad.

What? said:

That was terrible. They have completely lost sight of the brand.

Well said:

Well I liked it. Wasn't expecting this from Bundy.

Matty said:

That's a very, very long way from the work they used to do.

Prouder said:

I chuckled a few times through out it. Very good.
Talent is great.
C'mon Aussie!

Go Leos said:

Great work team

Two bob said:

Sure, it's a familiar construct. But at least they did it properly, unlike so many other brands who try to, and fail, miserably.

The casting is spot on, as is the delivery and timing. Plus, there's enough original scenarios (or familiar scenarios done in an original way) to keep you entertained all the way through to the end.

The writing is on point too.

It shows that they didn't skimp on any part of production and I reckon it all ads up to a fucking great ad.

In fact, I feel like a can of Bundy now. Well done Leo's and co.

P.S. The print stuff's also nice.

Tim said:

This ad changed my life, I am a new man. Love it.

WineO said:

Still hate rum but love this! Kept me laughing and nodding for 90 seconds. Brilliant.

Spin said:

Christ, if you're going to astroturf TwoBob et al, at least try and be subtle.

Ben said:

Now if they made the TVC like the print, it'd be a cracker.

Agreed said:

@ Two bob. Agreed with everything you have said. Nail it.

... said:

Best thing about this ad is how it brought all of Leos together. It's so good to see an agency rally behind a piece of obviously crap work to try and convince a small percentage of industry professionals who frequent the comment section of CB that this has some creative merit.

It's crap, move on.

Yeha said:

This ad was just sent to me.
Unmistakably brilliant!

pugwash said:

wtf was the music? some torrid cross breed of spaghetti western and orchestra

the maestro would roll over in his grave

Hol said:

'Industry professionals'? There is nothing professional about your comment. Industry professionals have better things to do than write negative comments on this blog.
You must be a joy to work with.
I don't work at Leo's but i am envious of their work. Credit where credit is due.
This will resonate with the matket and shift product.
Well done.

ho ho ho said:

you're an exchange student aren't you Sebastian, all hair gel and fancy loafers.

Rob said:

It's alright. Not the most exciting thing ever, but better than a lot of alcohol related work.
I did enjoy the old ship campaign more though.

i was there said:

It's a lovely ad. I think this shows that when a client trusts an agency to do something a bit unexpected, it gets people talking, and gets some cut through. A necessary thing in this beige, boring advertising wasteland we live in at the moment.

@hol, I agree with you, keyboard naysayers. Boring!

errrrrrrrr said:

thought is good, print ok.

the spot, woeful.

talent, woeful (Gyton grantley, Carl williams, the gay dad from house husbands, the bloke from the fishermans friend ads, the voice of every bloody thing else).

By using him i've already switched off. why not someone new? he confuses it, because of who he is and what he's been in. he's oversaturated.....probably why he's taken this gig.

It just feels like every other ad where it's a call to arms, with some 'funny' lines thrown in to keep momentum. I've seen way better using this formula.

I like the overall thought, don't like the ad. but who am i to say? .....who cares.

errrrrrrrr said:

I'm with @.....

@Hol, I'm an industry professional and I, like a lot of others, are on here to view and look at what our industry peers are doing. And sometimes commenting with good, and sometimes bad reviews.

It's what the comments section is for... to voice your opinion. (If it wasn't, it would be like working in the media if you were in USA present)

And this spot is not doing it for me, and for a lot of others.

So fuck off with YOUR opinion, and let us have ours.

BTW, your comment sucks, just like the TV spot.

Another one said:

Just another person talking at us on screen like 99% of the other ads on tv.
And the owning Australia thing is done to death

How do you get from 'Men Like Us' to this?
Such a curve ball, and not for the better.

TB said:

Well, for what's it worth I fuckin love it.
Much better than half the work the keyboard nazis do on this blog. Tall poppy syndrome at it's best.
Be proud Bundy and Leo's. It's a cracker and real people will love it!

wow said:

so many people from leo's in here

anyone who thinks this is a good ad is delusional. dreadful directing too but the idea has been done to death recently

Ex LB creative. said:

Guys, it's so average. Sorry to say it but it just doesn't go anywhere. Reeks of the Hahn Super TVC that was done by Mojo but falls way short. Nice try though.

Pro? said:

@errrrrrr..... you're very funny.

Being a professional is about knowing your target audience right?
It seems like they love it. https://www.facebook.com/BundabergRum/

done to death said:

everyone's getting on the unity bandwagon. I'm all for diversity, but holy moly I'm so sick of it being shoved down my throat every time I see a new ad

Bronco. said:

Now this is an ad!!
Came on during the footy last night (go the Broncos) and boy did it stand out. Great intro. Funny visuals (shark attack!) and great dialogue. Yes, I'm a bit sick of the whole diversity/aussie pride in ads thing happening at the moment but a least this one felt natural. Aussies will love it.

I remember how everyone bagged the pervious Bundy 'men like us' campaign too. Funny how they now seem to refer to it as a good campaign in the above comments :-) Says a lot about the type of people writting these comments.

Sebastion said:

Oi - I want my idea back!!

Shit can said:

I can't stand it. 'Men like us' was SO much better and original in concept. This is cringeworthy.

pugwash said:

did someone srsly just post a link to facebook as some kind of proof they will be winning customers over?

Some punter said:

Love the outdoor
Hate the TV

Anyone else agree, with me?

Jamie Jay said:

Ace!! And just in time for Mardi Gras. Can't wait!!!

Tim said:

Completely misread their audience. Will do sweet FA for the brand.

Dan O said:

Unmistakably Ours isn't a bad line.

Ian said:

@Dan O
can't believe I got a $250 parking ticket

Mick from Kogarah said:

Sitting here watching the footy with a few mates and this ad came on. Had to search for it and found this page.
What a crap industry you tossers work in, sitting around bagging each other's work out.
This is genius. The long version is even better. We loved it, except for my pommy mate!
Go the Dragon's. Oh when the saints, come marching in ....

Lolz said:

And we're to believe the above comment is real?
Leo's massive attempts to justify this work on here only serves to prove their own insecurities about it.
Maybe just move on and try to make something better next time instead of trying to convince people that mediocre work is good.
So what if this wasn't the best piece ever, aim higher and do better next time. Learn from your mistakes.
Excepting and justifying shit work is partly why Australian ads are often so boring, uniriginal and lacking quality compared to the rest of the world.

Baked beans said:

The more i watch this spot the more i dislike it.
Print ads are nice though.

Mc said:

See it on foxsports all the time.
Bloody love it.
But i hope they don't overplay it.

Kashikoinesu said:

Ours in French is a bear. I hope they know that because it makes a freaking good pun!!!

Ross said:

Too bad "Our" rum belongs to the poms

Tim Carroll said:

Unmistakably our BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 1961, the company introduced the polar bear as its unusual choice of mascot, to imply that the rum could ward off the coldest chill. In 2000, the Bundaberg Rum company and distillery were sold to British company Diageo.

TalentCast said:

Who is the girl on his back in the surfing shot, she also cameos in the mardi gras

Disappointed. said:

This is such a poor set of ads for such a good product. How could the executives of Diageo approved such a mismatch of an over rated, over exposed actor and negative messages regarding Australia? Over the years, Bundaberg Rum ads have delivered a unique style and polish that ensured that we smiled and sang along with the lyrics when they were aired.
These latest ads fail to hit the mark.

Qlder said:

Um, 'frog' ad? It's cane toad racing, get it right!

Baby Say So said:

Is Bundy halal??

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