CommBank and oOh!media release data from latest 'CAN' campaign via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

CommBank-NewPaths-Motorway billboard NSW - 2 (2).jpgData collected from CommBank customers is being broadcast across oOh!media's national portfolio in an Australian first for Out Of Home (OOH) advertising.
Answers to a series of questions about real challenges facing Australians are being collected via CommBank ATMs and online as part of its 'CAN' brand campaign, which announced earlier this year via M&C Saatchi, Sydney. They are appearing on over 1100 of oOh!'s digital screens in CBD office towers, cafés, airports, retail centres and on large format roadside billboards.
Results from the survey will be broadcast across Australia via oOh!'s digital OOH portfolio showing results at both national and local levels.
CommBank-NewPaths-Office Tower screen VIC - 2 (2).jpgNationally, 47% of Australians answered yes to the question 'Is the Australian property dream still a reality?' with the highest property price markets of NSW and Victoria and younger Australians the least optimistic.
Says Brendon Cook, CEO, oOh!media: "We are striving to show that Out Of Home innovation is endless by taking real client data and using it to deliver an audience led campaign with CommBank-NewPaths-Shopping Mall QLD - 2 (2).jpgengaging and relevant content at national and geo-targeted levels.
"It's the first time data has been captured, regularly updated and broadcast in this way across so many of oOh!'s digital roadside billboards.
"We talked about the possibilities of running a campaign like this with CommBank and their media agency Ikon and we are proud of what this collaboration was able to deliver.
"CommBank's engagement with its customers through ATMs and OOH is as exciting as it is unmissable. It's a great demonstration for advertisers about where OOH is heading."
Says Stuart Tucker, general manager of brand, sponsorships and marketing services, CommBank: "We live in changing and uncertain times and our campaign is all about helping us find new solutions for the challenges Australians are facing.

"How better to engage an audience than through the combination of our national network of ATMs and oOh!'s national digital portfolio.
"This campaign opens up a new world for connecting with our customers and CommBank is pleased to be at the forefront of such innovation."
Says Pat Crowley, managing partner of Ikon Communications: "Applying relevant and near time messages into digital OOH nationally is making best use of the OOH channels to ensure all Australians know that CommBank is listening to them."
Other questions asked at CommBank's ATMs, which are part of the brand campaign, include 'Are our businesses ready to face the future?' 'Do our kids have the skills they need for tomorrow?' and 'Does our society truly embrace everyone?'
The CAN brand campaign was also supported nationally across oOh!'s large format classic billboards.
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Media Agency: Ikon Communications
Outdoor: oOh!media 


So what? said:

47% of NSW believe the Australian dream of owning a property is still a reality.

So 53% don't believe this is a reality... Surely that's the most important part? If Australians' ability to retire in comfort is still dependant on owning their own home (it is), then what are you going to do about it?

Unless real positive change comes from this it's just another piece of advertising fluff, will be seen by people as such and bank brands will continue their steady decline into obscurity.

Hard to Judge said:

Is there a solution that CommBank are offering to fix the problem they've found? Or is it a serious of ads to celebrate the amazingly insightful survey they've conducted? Hard to tell because you cant even read the pay-off... a similar problem I'm sure drivers on the freeway will have when trying to read the world's LONGEST ad as they whip past at 80kmh. It's 'unmissable'... hilarious.

Survey Size? said:

47% of what? How can you give a press release and not give the total number of answered surveys? What a load of crap - release your numbers, stand by them - don't just PR bullshit. No wonder no-one trusts advertising

wow said:

"Nationally, 47% of Australians answered yes to the question 'Is the Australian property dream still a reality?"

Wow, that's like 11,581,581 people!

Elvis said:

What the fuck has happened to the commonwealth bank advertising?

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