Foxtel says 'everyone's team deserves to be seen' in latest Fox Footy campaign via TBWA Sydney

Foxtel_Eddie.jpgFoxtel has taken footy fans behind the scenes of the Fox Footy channel offices to launch the start of their coverage of the upcoming AFL season, continuing the brand position 'We're a FoxSporting Nation' under the new theme 'Everyone's team deserves to be seen' via TBWA Sydney.
The campaign celebrates Fox Footy's inclusive, unbiased coverage - the fact that they cover every club, big or small every week. While the channel's coverage is 100% unbiased, there's no denying every Fox Footy employee still has their favourite team.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.27.59 am.jpgThe TVC is led by Jonathan Brown, the former Brisbane Lions captain and current Fox Footy expert; along with cameos from the channel's biggest names, including Paul Roos, Brad Johnson, Eddie McGuire and David King; as well as current AFLW player Brianna Davey and AFL player Jordan Lewis.
Says Rob Farmer, director of brand marketing: content and products: "We wanted to open up the inner workings of Fox Footy, the best in the business when it comes to AFL coverage, and a cornerstone of Foxtel's unrivalled sport offering. They show every team live every round, no matter how big or small, which caters for every fan's bias."
Says Craig Brooks, deputy executive creative director, TBWA Sydney: "One of the rituals of being an everyday footy fan in Australia is a blind loyalty and love towards your team. This is no different for the dedicated team at Fox Footy."
Director of Brand Marketing: Content & Products - Rob Farmer
Head of Brand Marketing: Sport - Christopher Boyd
Brand Marketing Manager: Sport - Andrew Pahoff
Fox Sports
Director: Publicity & Marketing - Carly Loder
Head of Marketing: Brand & Social - Chris Gross
Senior Marketing Executive - Sam Rix
Brand Manager - Vanessa Zenon
Creative Agency - TBWA
Executive Creative Director - Gary McCreadie
Deputy Executive Creative Director - Craig Brooks
Senior Art Director - Mark Tallis
Senior Copywriter - Cameron Dowsett
Planning Director - Joel Pearson
Group Account Director - Camilla Stapley
Senior Account Director - Richie Taaffe
Account Manager - Cosmo Haskard
Production - Felix
Head of Production - Dillon Hicks
Senior Account Manager - Kristie Dagg
Production House - Finch
Director - Alex Roberts
Executive Producer/MD - Corey Esse
Producer - Amy Dymond
DOP - Adam Howden
Editor - James Ashbolt, Arc Edit
Sound Design - Abigail Sie, Song Zu
Post-Production - Finch VFX
Colourist - Tristan La Fontaine




Footy footy footy said:

How good!

etch said:

love it - well done

Hawks fan said:

Love the Jordan Lewis spot.

ch said:

Stop kidding yourself.
This is terrible and you all know it.

IQ of 250 said:


Cheap said:

Feels cheap and trying too hard.

Wow said:

Suffered this on TV, poor.

Interesting choice said:

Why did they choose Eddie Mcguire to front this? Surely they could have found a big enough name from a team that doesn't actually get covered on free to air anyway.

Kyle Monaghan said:

@ch. Why do you have to be such a Negative Nancy? Also why are you so dumb?

WillyF said:

Ripping ad. Great banner.

Brett said:

Solid ad.


This is glorious. Makes me want to kiss Marky Mark on the mouth.

Ok said:

My eyes are wide in trying to understand the stupidity in even trying to stick up for these ads. New all time low. I'm not even sure why this was promoted on campaign brief? If I was the agency and production company I'd have my name nowhere near this publicly. Sure keep the clients happy, it's what they want but this isn't stand out work in one single respect and doesn't have to be. It is what it is but I certainly don't want to waste my time looking at it.

ESPN Sports Center said:

Well, it's not this:

But it's a shiteload better than a lot of other stuff we've seen lately.

Ok wait... said:

...too late!

@Ok said:

Eat a dick

@cheap said:

Who hurt you?

Mhhmm said:

Well polish my nuts and serve me a Fox Footy ad..these are great!

truth said:

Are they great ads? No.
Can they have been better? Yes.
Is the idea smelly? A little.
Are they the worst thing on telly? No.
Will the audience like them? Probably.

truth said:

Are they great ads? No.
Can they have been better? Yes.
Is the idea smelly? A little.
Are they the worst thing on telly? No.
Will the audience like them? Probably.

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