Hoyts relaunches its Rewards Program with a quirky new campaign via BWM Dentsu, Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.01.37 am.jpgTo relaunch the Hoyts Rewards Program, BWM Dentsu has created a playful new campaign that demonstrates the immediately rewarding benefits offered by Hoyts cinemas, at locations across Australia.

Spearheaded by a quirky 30-second cinema ad, the campaign travels through the thought process of a common film-goer, as he is introduced to the benefits of the Hoyts Rewards Program.

As he learns about Hoyts' various offerings - a free movie ticket upon account activation, the ability to earn Hoyts dollars, a Discounted Movie of the Week, Member Preview Screenings and much more - his eyebrows continue to raise in disbelief.

Says Max Savransky, loyalty and CRM manager, Hoyts: "The opportunity to earn 10 percent of eligible spend back in Hoyts Dollars, along with a free ticket upon activation makes Hoyts Rewards one of the most generous loyalty programs in the market. The idea is that even the most casual of movie goers will be immediately rewarded."

Says Philipa Murphy, senior group marketing communications manager, Hoyts Group: "Cinema is the perfect advertising environment to get cut through and guaranteed audience engagement, so in the pre-show our guests are entertained whilst showing the clear message of the benefits of the program. The simple, light-hearted humour of the ad clearly demonstrates how irresistibly attainable our Hoyts Rewards program is for all customers."

Says Asheen Naidu, ECD, BWM Dentsu Sydney: "Movies are fun and we wanted to communicate the instant benefits of such a great rewards program, in an equally fun way. Using entertainment to sell entertainment felt like a natural fit."

The integrated campaign is currently running in cinemas, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Client: Hoyts Group
Senior Group Marketing Communications Manager - Philipa Murphy
Loyalty & CRM Manager - Max Savransky

Agency: BWM Dentsu
Chief Creative Officer - Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director - Asheen Naidu
Creative Group Heads - Denny Handlin & Jon Foye
Planner - Jack Spicer
Client Service Director - Brent Kerby
Account Director - Bonnie Ledsam
Head of Design - Eeuwout Baart

Production Company: Plaza Films
Director - Dave Wood
Producer - Lee Thomson
Post Production: The Editors
Editor - Laurence van Camp
Audio Post Production: Speed of Sound


Dreary me said:

Kids with weird eyes again, with the skittles ending. Let's move on...

Oh Dear said:

'Quirky'? How about 'Silly', 'Frivolous' and 'Inconsequential'?

J Man said:

Could have been done better

Bruce said:


Bruce said:


Hippy from the 70's said:

I had a few acid trips that did that.

yup said:

Get's 3 proof points into a 30 sec ad, ending and gag were actually kinda funny.
Job done.

nup said:

people involved should really know better.
job not done.

Not associated with this ad said:

To fit in three full-on product points in the one ad, and do it in a visually interesting way - it's a good effort for what is essentially a shitty brief. Lay off juniors.

Yep said:

Shitty brief = Shitty outcome
Juniors take note.
...not sure about the visually interesting way, it's not and it's cheesy

Big B said:

Get fucked the lot of you.

This is funny. With proof points and everything. What more do you want from a low budget ad for a fucking cinema reward card?

This is fun. Have you all forgotten what fun is? Celebrate the little laughs, celebrate the little wins.

What more do you want said:

A fucken idea please...

Jade said:

I kinda like it. Nice one.

NIce said:

This ad is proof that proof points can be communicated in an engaging way.

I think the Outrage Brigade needs to give it a rest - this is a retail ad, done in a pretty entertaining way.

@Whatmoredoyouwant I would have thought the idea was pretty clear: "Eyebrow-raising deals at Hoyts".

Jaded said:

Just because you can tick off a number of copy points in an ad doesn't ensure that they will be heard or digested, particularly in an ad that has visuals that don't relate or distract. Many viewers, if asked to recall it, may simply refer to this ad as "that bizarre one with the guy with the funny melting face".

If you want to understand this better, look up 'Cognitive Dissonance'

It should also serve as a warning not to try to crowbar multiple selling points into one ad, however worthy the client may insist they are.

Oh dear, I have spent far, far too much time on something hardly worth the wind from a duck's arse.

@jaded said:

If they recall it that's a good thing. The visuals relate to the deals being good. And one day you'll understand that sometimes the client will insist on a laundry list of selling points in one ad, and there's sweet FA you can do about it sweety.
This was a low budget, retail brief and they turned it into an honest 6.5 out of 10. Which is a result in this market.

Jaded said:

Thank you for your advice @10.30.

I chose the epithet 'Jaded' because after more than 30 years in advertising, I know all about laundry lists, the insistence of clients and one's powerlessness to buck the system.

One day you'll understand that, Sweetie.

@ jaded said:

Which makes your warning about having a chance of winning that client battle hold even less water than a duck's arse, cupcake.

Huh? said:

I see a lot of keyboard commando on this one over bugger all.

Why the vitriol? Tough week was it? Most negative comments are Thurs & Fri so your motivation is showing. Tough week was it? Got a few concepts binned? Oh well. Get your mum to make you a hot chockie and give you a hug.

This is an amusing ad that doesn't fail epically like some haters would like.
And nope not from their agency, I'm from a minnow on the opposite side of town.

Move on and diss other work more deserving I say.

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