Airbnb asks Aussies to raise their hand for equality in new campaign via Clems Melbourne

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.13.45 pm.jpgAs part of its mission is to create a world where anyone can belong, Airbnb is today asking Australians to make their support of marriage equality known by wearing the symbol of marriage itself - a ring. The campaign was developed by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

Launched with support from some of Australia's biggest brands including Qantas, Google, ANZ and eBay, and in collaboration with The Equality Campaign, Until We All Belong marks the most public corporate declaration for marriage equality in Australia to date.

The initiative calls on the people of Australia to show their acceptance of marriage equality and commit to wearing a bespoke ring until same-sex marriage is recognised in Australia.

Designed in support from world-renowned designer Marc Newson, this unique, matte black metal ring is a visual representation of the gap in marriage equality and is intricately engraved with the words 'Until We All Belong' on the interior.

In a show of support from the advertising industry, production company Revolver/Will O'Rourke, director Jonathan Kneebone/The Glue Society and photographer Derek Henderson rallied behind Until we all Belong and shot the film and stills for the campaign in partnership with Airbnb and Clemenger BBDO.

Airbnb is also making it easier for Australians - no matter where they call home - to get involved by making the rings free of charge and standardising postage costs across the country. To make your acceptance of marriage equality known and receive an Acceptance Ring, visit

Airbnb CEO and head of community, Brian Chesky, said he hopes the movement will spark conversations about acceptance across Australia by putting marriage equality back on top of the nation's political agenda.

Says Chesky: "Openness and belonging are at the heart of Airbnb - it's at the core of what we do every day. We are committed to helping people belong no matter where they are in the world and strongly believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.

"This is an opportunity for people to show their support for marriage equality - not just those within the LGBTQI+ community, but for anyone to make their support for a brother, sister, parent, friend or loved one known."

The Equality Campaign executive director, Tiernan Brady, said this campaign is about the most Australian of our values, which is a fair go for all.

Says Brady: "Two-thirds of the nation as well as a majority of politicians want every Australian to be able to marry the person they love in the country they love. Marriage equality will not change anything for the vast majority of Australians but will make a profound difference to the status and dignity of many.

"It is wonderful to have so many businesses creating this campaign. They do so because they know that equality and fairness is good for their employees, their customers and for all Australians. Until We All Belong sends a powerful signal to parliament that the need for marriage equality will continue to grow in size and determination until the law changes to reflect the will of the Australian people."

Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Media: Starcom
Production Company: Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director: Jonathan Kneebone/The Glue Society
Photography: Map Ltd & Derek Henderson
PR: n2n Communications


shoehorn said:

seems like the marriage equality ad in the team's top drawer finally found a home

shame it's got nothing to do with the brand

michael said:


AirBnb's slogan is 'Belong Anywhere'.

Gav said:

Inspiring stuff, well done y'all!

Advertising today said:

Make a thing. Make a film about the thing.

@ shoehorn said:

If you can't see why this is great then you are in the wrong industry.

producer said:


also, the rings are sold out.

nicely done to all.

Yeah but said:

Isn't the whole diversity and equal rights thing kind of done?

I get that Marriage inequality still remains but surely it's only a matter of time now, with or without this campaign.

The rings feel gimmicky.

Whatever it takes hey? said:

Tenuous link to a hotel brand I would've thought.

Jessie said:

Don't know about other people but I am starting to feel a little bludgeoned on this issue.

@Michael said:

I'm with Shoehorn. Just because Air B'n'b's line is 'Belong Anywhere' doesn't mean this is a strong link. Tell me how any other brand could not have done this - a beer, a supermarket, a jewellers (oh wait, that one might have actually been good). They're in the accomodation business for god's sake - maybe they could, you know, do something with that?

@ shoehorn said:

If you can't see why this is great then you are in the wrong industry.

Matt said:

This is a cracking idea.

If this was the only marketing Airbnb did, I too would question the link to their industry.

But it isn't. Far from it.

They spend billions of dollars promoting their product.

This is simply a charity/sponsorship/causal add-on - one that perfectly links to their brand.

Forward thinking cultural types will love this i.e. the people most open to using their product.

Well done Clems.

@jessie said:

Perhaps you should keep your low IQ private and refrain from sharing ignorant opinions. 'This issue' as you put it, needs to be spoken about until we don't have to speak about it anymore, much like refugees etc. I see some Queensland agencies are looking for creatives...perhaps you want to go there?

@Michael said: the link said:

A huge percentage of newly married couples use Airbnb for their honeymoon, that right there is the link to why Airbnb can do this.

Shove it down my throat said:

Feels like a very tenuous link to a hotel brand.

This feels like it was forced under the AirBnB brand.

A more AirBnB idea would have been to surprise guests after their stay with the fact they were sleeping in a gay couples bed and the enjoyed it... but hey, that doesn't help when you've come up with an idea about a ring.

Jnr said:

Spot the Clems employees in these comments..

@Shove it down my throat said: said:

Maybe stick to JCRs

Hell Yeah said:

More great work from the McQueens!

George said:

This is nice.

If AirBnB is serious about ending discrimination, then it will have to do more to stop the racial discrimination that so many of its business partners (all those household owners) engage in.

Perhaps one about racial equality next?

Nick's opinion said:

This is awesome work, it's just losing impact because of the amount of daily spam we get blasted with on this issue.

I totes support gay marriage, but I really don't like Buzzfeed.

Groan said:

Other than mad-arsed religious nut-bars, I've yet to meet anyone who gives a toss out gay marriage (myself included).

Who are these people? Just target them instead of playing the victim card.

Talk about flogging a dead horse.

Matt said:

Hey @Jessie,before you start calling other contributors ignorant maybe you should further educate yourself.Check your dictionary.The word 'issue' means- an important topic for debate or discussion.Which is exactly what people were trying to do here before you so rudely interrupted.

Marketing for the better said:

Maybe I'm simplifying this to much, and seeing it differently to others, but shouldn't we be commending brands that choose to put marketing dollars into creating a better community not shutting them down?

I'd personally rather see a potential 'disconnect' with positive change, than the same old boring TVC with no social impact. All clients these days are wanting their companies to serve a higher purpose and behave more representative to their values.

I actually think this is a great campaign and will support it, as I would for any campaign that supports trying to make the world a better place.

Adam said:

To @jessie.Your hectoring tone is why people are embracing your cause more slowly than you would like.Stop bullying.Stop bashing people for having an opposing point of view.I think you will get what you want and agree that you should.But I don't like being talked down to just because I am giving it considered thought.One last thing.You clearly are against prejudice yet label anyone who lives in Queensland a redneck.
Clean up your act and you will get more people on side and genuinely supporting you.

hahaha....someone's making a buck out of you lot with the incomplete "Until We All Belong" ring - you are being treated like fools to think wearing a ring will make a difference. So what are you going to do with the ring if same sex marriage becomes legal?....throw it away?! lot are really being suckered with this ring gimmick. Hey, seeing as you are so gullible, I will sell you a pen without ink in it because it is full of "equality" - if you buy one, it will make you "eternally equal" ($100 per pen - kching,kching,kching). The pens are old, unworking pens that have been thrown away so I have picked them up for free - if you buy one of my recycled "Equality Pens", you will be feeling "equal" AND save the planet at the same time (....ok, make it $200 per pen).

Oh, and if you don't think my pens make a difference, you are right - just like the incomplete "Until We All Belong" rings don't make a difference. I just want to sucker you out of your money if you are gullible enough.

Sick of this PC Crap said:

Airbnb stick to booking rooms and stop forcing any PC crap down our throats. I for one am sick of be bombarded with the personal views of CEO's and the bloody so called do gooders

Advertising culture in Australia is fucked said:

Why do so many people hate. The culture in this industry is fucked. We should support each other and inspire each other to create great work. The haters give our industry a bad name and leave young creative talent looking for other industries to go into. Industries with cultures that nurture and support and collectively get better.

I had nothing to do with this work. Or the agency. But I like it. It's an issue that matters and its a brave idea from a brand that frankly could have bought more banner ads but opted to do something that might just make a dent in this world and make a difference.

All the haters should get back to making shit banners and boring press ads.

Great creative makes great PR. said:

I just watched a 10 minute discussion on this on ABC. More PR than most of the work featured on this blog. It worked.

Phew said:

Thanks for setting me straight @niel Aitchison. I nearly stood up for the basic rights of my countrymen and women until you arrived. You and your informed, persuasive, well written arguments. Hooray for Niel!

Token symbols said:

Anytime I read of a new 'symbol' like a ring, ribbon, bracelet celebrate one's support of a 'cause' I'm reminded of the fantastic Seinfeld episode when Kramer gives a donation to someone raising money 'for' AIDS but refuses to wear the 'red ribbon' the collector offers in return. The 'discussion' that follows is priceless.

Marketing for the better said:

@Advertising culture in Australia is fucked

I couldn't agree more and that is my point as well, we are all in this industry together and care about the work, healthy debate on creativity is the point of this forum, not keyboard warrior's like @Neil Aitchison hiding behind his screen using aggression rather than intelligence.

We are all talking about it...

Sin ring said:

Can the employees choose whether to wear the rings or not? Are any companies forcing their employees to wear the rings? People who wear the rings are promoting a sinful lifestyle, which is not healthy for anyone.

Dav said:

Fully teared up.

Penny Wong said:

Why do liberal progressives hate and become violent towards those that don't agree with their homosexual marriage? Does a progressive think they are somehow more privileged than those that reject homosexual marriage?
Are Airbnb providers comfortable with sodomites in their home? I certainly wouldn't be, as I would have to thoroughly sterilize/burn any bio-agent infected furnishings that may light up under UV light, or risk infecting the next guest.
A plebiscite is the fair way for all concerned Australians, just as if there was to be a future vote in determining if people could marry animals or children. The vote should not be left exclusively for the proponents, while denying those that don't agree.

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