AnalogFolk announces unique partnership with the National Institute for Experimental Arts

3 (1).jpgCreative digital agency AnalogFolk and the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) have today announced a unique new partnership to foster innovation, creative thinking and new technology development.

The multi-faceted partnership is based on a strong collaborative approach along with each organisation providing key input from its areas of specialty - AnalogFolk will provide strategic, creative and digital support to the NIEA, while NIEA will provide AnalogFolk access to its innovation labs and cutting-edge research.
Part of the University of New South Wales, NIEA is Australia's leading institute for experimental collaboration in art, science and emerging technologies and uses arts-led thinking to generate new insights into globally important issues. NIEA is developing world-first research in interaction innovation and experimental experiences leveraging robotics, artificial intelligence, VR, data visualisation and other leading-edge technologies.

The partnership will expand in the future to include a program of staff secondments and education and training opportunities between both organisations, while a number of joint projects and active client project engagements are underway.

Says Ben Hourahine, strategy partner, AnalogFolk: "The partnership was a practical embodiment of AnalogFolk's mission to use digital to make the analog world better.

"We're very excited to announce our partnership with NIEA and begin collaborating on projects. Access to NIEA's research and innovation labs will enable us to continue pushing boundaries around what is possible in creative innovation and digital technology.

"The partnership also provides us an opportunity to take our clients into the labs and access their world class research thinking."

Jill Bennett, NIEA founding director and professor of experimental arts said the partnership with AnalogFolk was a very positive step for the institute.

Says Bennett: "AnalogFolk has a unique approach to creativity, innovation and digital technology which is very much aligned with ours as we look to generate new insights resulting in real-world outcomes.

"We look forward to working with AnalogFolk through this partnership and harnessing their thinking on projects."

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