Four Seasons Condoms launches new online cartoon via Marcel to save parents' sex lives

happy_parents.jpgMarcel Sydney + Paris and Four Seasons Condoms are coming to the rescue of time and sex-starved parents with the launch of The Extendables: a new online cartoon designed to keep kids busy while parents get busy in the bedroom.

The show, about extraterrestrial puppets coming to earth, allows romancing parents to monitor the kids by securely pairing their smartphones to any tablet, desktop computer, laptop or smart TV with a webcam, effectively turning it into a motion sensor. If kids wander away from the screen, the motion detector picks up the movement and sends an alert to connected phones to avert the risk of an untimely surprise. Should parents need a little more time when the video reaches its final minute, there's an option to 'extend' for another five minutes, time and time again.

website_shot.jpgThe launch of The Extendables comes after Four Seasons found a third of Australian parents had a fear of being interrupted during sex. On top of this, a quarter (22%) of parents reported having less quality time for romance and sex with partners at times when the kids are around, such as during school holidays.

Given almost three quarters (73%) of respondents have been interrupted by their kids during sex, The Extendable provides a fun solution for the whole family.

Says Wesley Hawes, deputy ECD, Marcel Sydney: "This is a real issue that affects nearly all parents at some point of their lives and I hope our fuzzy friends allow parents around the world to reconnect again. I'm the target audience. I've got two children - a three-year-old and a seven-week-old, and I haven't had sex for about four years.
"The Extendables is Four Seasons' way of highlighting the importance of this time. A healthy sex life makes for happier, less stressed parents."

To install and run The Extendables, parents can securely pair their smartphones to any tablet, desktop computer, laptop or smart TV with a webcam by going to on both devices and simply entering a code. Once paired, parents can control the cartoon and receive an alert if their kids move away from the screen from another room in the house.

Only those who pair their phone to the webcam can use the motion sensor function: The Extendables ensure the privacy of its users with no visual data shared, received or saved by the program.

The Extendables will be launched through a Facebook social media campaign and is available now for free from or from

Client: Four Season Condoms
Managing Director: Graham Porter
Brand Manager: Michael Porter
Marketing Manager: Alexander Porter

Agency: Marcel Sydney and Marcel Paris
Media: Wildfire Creative

Director: Josh Logue
DOP: Tim Kindler
Editor: Corey Farrell
Colourist: Greg Constantaras
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Producer: Michelle Nagy
Post Producer: Agathe Compagnon
Sound: Song Zu


Honestly said:

I'm totally downloading this.

john said:

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.....has it come to this?

russty said:

Funny, nice one Wes

Scam...Scam..Scam.... said:

Such Bullshit.

Or... said:

You could put on a DVD and lock your door.

The Pill said:

This ad is terrible. This will put anyone off sex, guess its for perfect condom brand.

Wrong audience said:

Do any parents use condoms?
I don't know any.
They're either trying for more kids, or dad gets the snip.

Sigh. said:

I see Cannes season is upon us.

Dick said:

mmmmm, I see the agency sticker on the laptop at 0:54.

Contraception said:

Didn't someone say "Pull out, pull OUT!"

Awesome said:

As parent who uses condoms but co-sleeps (ie, night time sex is hard, no pun) I think it hits the mark.

Matt said:

This is one of the best content plays I've seen in a while.

Beautiful little insight, wonderfully produced. Well done all involved.

To the knockers - we are dealing with condoms here, not financial services so get a fucking life.

@Scam...Scam..Scam.... said:

Did you not see that this is a live piece of marketing communications?

How exactly does this make it a scam...

I can see hundreds of thousands of views when I was sent it today on facebook including more than 1500 shares. How is that a scam? Success more like it.



Yes, clearly you work there don't you...

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