Infinity Squared undergoes new rebrand

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.07.10 am.jpgInfinity Squared has undertaken a brand refresh to mark the company's evolution and to celebrate its new positioning.

Approaching Infinity's seventh birthday the decision was made to give the company a facelift.

Says David Jansen, Infinity Squared: "We no longer want to be constrained by people's preconceptions of what we do. To be defined by our 'what' limits our capabilities in so many ways. Moving forward, we will defined by our 'why' - to create stuff that positively contributes to culture.
To help draw a line in the sand, they've got a fresh new look to carry the Infinity Squared brand into the future.

Says Jansen: "Sometimes you have to get back to basics and sometimes you have to not do that. In this instance, we are not doing that."
The new look is a homage to the ancient Egyptians who Jansen refers to as "... the original kings of content..."

"Just look at hieroglyphs: the Ancient Egyptians didn't rely on a binary worldview, their pictographs embraced complexity, and their ability to communicate through story and images is still relevant today."

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.08.10 am.jpgTo oversee the company's rebranding, Infinity has bolstered its creative firepower, announcing the hire of industry heavyweight Chris Costello (right) as art director, as well as appointing him to the board of directors. A typography specialist, Costello helped oversee the company's rebranding and his position is effective immediately.

Infinity Squared is a creative content company helping brands to be relevant in culture.

To see more of the rebrand visit:


Carrot Top said:

Bold, original, creative and intelligent humor. I feel like this content company and myself would really get along.

Why are they called account executives? said:

Love me some Papyrus.

oh my said:

I thought this was an April fools but I just visited the website and papyrus is all over their website.

I want to spoon my eyes out of my head.

Old CD guy said:

I like it. Like ponytails, Papyrus never goes out of fashion.

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