News Corp Australia targets marketers + brands in new brand safety trade campaign via Big Red

NWC0002 Transparency MediaWeek FrontCover R4b_FA.jpgNews Corp Australia has today launched a four-week national trade advertising campaign via Big Red, to reinforce its commitment to providing accountable, effective solutions for advertisers.

The campaign is designed to make marketers and brands ask: do you know where your dollars are going?

Amid the controversy surrounding digital advertising safety for brands - eg. YouTube's programmatic problems, this campaign will remind advertisers that News' products are some of the most trusted digital environments within which they can advertise.

NWC0002_NewsCorpTransparency_Australian_372x540mmR3[8].jpgSays Nicole Sheffield, chief digital officer, News Corp Australia: "There has been a lot of discussion and coverage on media transparency over recent months and we want to take a proactive stance on these issues by launching this campaign to showcase our strengths and commitment to providing accountable, effective solutions for advertisers.

"We're launching this national advertising campaign with a view to reassuring our customers that protecting and enhancing their brands is our number one priority. The reality is that advertisers have the right to know where their media budget is going and News will supply them with that as they were promised."

Says Lou Barrett, executive general manager of network sales, News Corp Australia: "At News Corp Australia, we are proud creators and publishers of content, so we understand context is critical. Additionally we welcome transparency and scrutiny when it comes to our networks."


Now I get it said:

Step 1: Smear Youtubers as racist nazis
Step 2: Spread fake news about said Youtubers
Step 3: Terrify brands into avoiding influencer marketing and steal revenue from new media.

The dying legacy media is so desperate to maintain their dwindling profits they will stop at nothing.

No wonder the kids call it News Corpse.

George said:

Wait, News is accusing *others* of spreading hate speech??

Irony is clearly a renewable resource.

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