Nude awakening: Art Series Hotel Group launches 'No Robe' campaign via DT, Sydney

AS_NoRobeCampaign-BeFreeSelfie[1].jpg'De-robing' of inhibitions at the check-in desk, guests will be able to stand proud in all their glory like Michelangelo's David, gracefully recline in the nuddy like an Art Series 'Schaller' figure, or robe up a la the Renaissance.

The 'No Robe package' asks guests to reveal the real them for a team of artists to capture the image in art form, forever.

DT conceived the idea, produced the video and delivered the experience via an app. Long time agencies of Art Series Hotel Group, Toben and The Mint Partners, will look after art direction, creative rollout and public relations and influencer engagement, respectively.
The campaign will run from the 1 May to the 15 June. Guests across the Group's seven hotels located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bendigo are invited to sleepover and strike a pose in front of a custom built photobooth and app in the privacy of their hotel suite. Their photo will be sent via an encrypted link to a team of artists who will bring it to life in a sketch. Guests will then receive their very own life drawing after their stay.
The human body has been a constant source of inspiration throughout history. From thousands joining in the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim to NSW Gallery's recent exhibition 'Nude',, Art Series Hotel Group will join the growing movement to celebrate this age-old subject matter and will be exploring all manners of self-expression.
Says Will Deague, CEO of Art Series Hotels: "Art Series Hotels are passionate about supporting the arts and delivering unique art inspired experiences for our guests and welcoming them with their creativity. The No Robe campaign certainly goes back to the history of the nude form in art and self-expression."
Guests who prefer not to pose for a life drawing can still get involved by sharing a photo on Instagram, encapsulating the campaign mantra of 'being free' within one of the Group's seven hotels. Guests need to simply tag #norobe, tag and follow @artserieshotelgroup to be in with the chance of winning a gift voucher to sleepover on Art Series Hotel Group. 
Art Series Hotel Group will be spearheading campaign management, digital integration, media planning and media buying, plus the expertise of DT, Toben and The Mint Partners.
Art Series Hotel Group is renowned for their creative campaigns including the Overstay Checkout, award winning Steal Banksy and Reverse Reviews campaigns.
DT - Idea, video and app build
Jonathan Pease, Chief Creative Officer
Jeff Mimery, Creative Director
Christopher Armstrong, Senior Engineer
Jacky Lau, Principal Architect
Gabrielle Teasdell, Senior Art Director
Krystyna Frassetto, Client Partner

TOBEN - Art direction and creative rollout
Katja Hartung, Creative Director, Co-Founder
Thorsten Kulp, Creative Director, Co-Founder

THE MINT PARTNERS - Public Relations and Influencer Management
Genevieve Taubman Campbell, Managing Director & Co-Founder
Alice Ford, Account Director
Lauren Cowan, Senior Account Manager

ART SERIES HOTEL GROUP - Campaign Management, Digital integration, Media Planning, Media Buying
Ryan Tuckerman, Group Director of Sales & Marketing
Beckie Mitchell, Marketing Manager
Celia Doyle, Assistant Marketing Manager


Ann Ominous said:

Sweet lord, why?

Ford gia tot said:

young man ... Art Series Hotel Group will join the growing movement to celebrate this age-old subject matter and will be exploring all manners of self-expression.

Stick with websites said:

What happens when a digital agency tries to get creative.

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nuff said.

mine said:

Re: Stick with websites said:

"What happens when a digital agency tries to get creative."

April 20, 2017 11:31 PM

Sounds more like: what happens when a digital (so called) creative who only ever works on websites hides behind the fact that someone has PR'd a campaign marginally worse than their best ever work and suddenly feels as though their opinion matters.

Back to it then.

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