Accenture acquires The Monkeys + Maud to expand customer experience capabilities

acq.jpgAccenture has acquired Sydney-based creative agency The Monkeys and design business, Maud.

The Monkeys is Australia's most awarded independent creative advertising agency, renowned for its brand strategy and creative talent. The move strengthens the customer experience capabilities of Accenture Interactive and demonstrates Accenture's continuing investment in bringing new thinking, talent and innovation to clients across Australia and New Zealand. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.   

Based in Sydney, The Monkeys creates provocative ideas that thrive at the intersection of advertising, entertainment, technology and design. Its team of 130 employees is behind breakthrough brand campaigns such as Telstra's: Thrive On; Meat and Livestock Australia's You Never Lamb Alone and, most recently, Qantas' Dreamliner launch.
The Monkeys has scored Agency of the Year titles from Campaign Brief, AdNews, B&T, Campaign Asia and others.

The acquisition bolsters the full suite of digital customer transformation services Accenture Interactive provides to chief marketing officers and chief digital officers, from creative to technology, spanning experience design, marketing, content and commerce.

"Customer experience is the new battleground and this acquisition will enable Accenture Interactive to integrate creative excellence with digital customer experience delivery," said Brian Whipple, head of Accenture Interactive. "Together, we're bringing our unique model to the market: part creative agency, part business consultancy, and part technology powerhouse - all focused on creating the best customer experiences on the planet."  

"For over a decade, The Monkeys has created provocative ideas that have redefined the industry and delivered innovative customer experiences," said Michael Buckley, head of Accenture Interactive Australia and New Zealand. "This acquisition further differentiates Accenture Interactive as a new breed of agency providing CMOs with innovative thinking and a new set of connected capabilities to win in today's experience-led economy."

Maud partners - Scott Nowell, Fabio Buresti, Mark Green, Justin Drape, David Park_low-res.jpgThe Monkeys' Mark Green (Chief Executive Officer, seated left), Justin Drape (Chief Creative Officer, standing near left), Scott Nowell (Chief Creative Officer, standing far left) and David Park (Maud Chief Creative Officer, seated near left) will continue in their current roles and take on additional Accenture Interactive leadership positions to drive brand strategy and creativity in Australia and New Zealand.

Says Green: "The combination of Accenture Interactive, The Monkeys and Maud is a great opportunity for our clients and teams as it will dramatically enhance our ability to connect brand strategy and creative all the way through to customer experience delivery.

"We look forward to offering clients an unrivalled and holistic customer experience offering."  

This is the twelfth acquisition Accenture Interactive has made since 2013 to expand the reach, scope, and depth of its end-to-end customer experience services globally. Most recently, Accenture Interactive acquired Belgium-based integrated communications agency, Kunstmaan. Other recent acquisitions have included Karmarama, SinnerSchrader, IMJ, AD.Dialeto, Pacific Link, Chaotic Moon and Melbourne-based Reactive. 


Great move said:

Well done Monkeys. This is a great move for you and the industry. You've always tried to raise the bar creatively and you've done it with the support and respect of your industry colleagues. You deserve all the success that comes your way. Enjoy it.

Well said:

That's unexpected. Cannot imagine anyone I would less want my agency to be acquired by than Accenture. I knew people at Karmarama who went through this and apparently it was not pleasant.

It will be fascinating to see what this does to the culture and creative output at the Monkeys - it feels like best case scenario, it remains as is. Worst case scenario.... well, that it completely undoes everything that they were.

Alan said:

Hmm. Next time Accenture hold a pitch, I wonder who is going to get on the pitch list? ;)

Dan C said:

Many congrats to the founders. A great time to cash in on the phenomenal business they've built. On the downside, given that management consultancies voracious appetite for billable hours (which is greater than most agencies), I wonder what the cultural impact will be?

Irrespective, congrats again to the Monkeys.

Congrats said:

Happy for you guys.


D said:

Well done for not selling to the devil(s)

EC said:

Well played Monkeys, you deserve every bit of this success!

Congratulations to all X

Respect said:

Brilliant move. Another smart play from The Monkeys. This is the future.

Millionaires said:

Good on you Monkeys. Kaching in a major way. Enjoy.

Adam . said:

Storm Trooper suits for everyone.

Sold well said:

A sagely Melbourne adman once said that you don't open an agency unless you want to sell it. And the time came for The Monkeys. They could not get bigger or more successful: Telstra, Qantas, IKEA, MLA and others, an enviable blue chip client list. A hundred plus agency, bags of awards including multiple Agency of The Year awards. And 10 years of independence, refusing offers from major networks during this time.
I say, congratulations Monkeys. You've done it your way and hopefully will continue to do it your way. Enjoy the next stage of your journey you rich bastards. You've sold well too.

Sir Martin said:

Damn. I was just about to make them an offer.

Rob said:

A good buy for Accenture, and I expect, a huge win for The Monkeys.

If, of course, Accenture allow them to function as they are with minimal interference.

TW said:

Congrats Monkeys. Hard work and being good has paid off. Well deserved.

garyd said:

Congrats gents, well played.

Old CD Guy (in a rare public appearance) said:

There's a nice private resort for sale at Trinity Beach for $10,000,000. Check it out. But seriously folks, well played. You built this from nothing, and deserve to collect. I have known these guys since their Saatchis days and they are some of the nicest and humblest guys in an industry not known for its humility.

Paul Yole said:

Many congratulations and best wishes to The Monkeys. It's a pity that some naysayers are taking the opportunity to undermine the deal, but all I can say is this. Since their foundation, Mark, Justin and Scott have demonstrated impeccable judgement and innovation. They deserve success and rewards for their efforts. @Sold well - ditto

just wondering said:

If you thought Monkeys was already a threat before, wait till you see them later.
Of course one could question the impartiality of Acenture bringing in an agency they own into a pitch managed by them.

Nice work. said:

I remember Mark from Clemenger.
I remember Scott and Justin helping to get me through a talent drought (mine and my department's).
I remember them all fondly, nostalgically even.
And I've heard little to indicate the subsequent success inflated their egos.
Or that the drive to create great work waned, or went in search of the cash.
That makes them rare. And rare things are worth more.
I suspect it might even be a smart sale beyond the financial rewards - this industry has always lacked seats at the big table...and that's what Accenture can deliver.
Good luck, though I'm sure you won't need it.

Simon Hadfield said:

Nice one gents. Congrats.

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