AIRBAG's Kit Webster features at Vivid

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.50.43 am.jpgFeaturing at Sydney's VIVID Festival, AXIOM is the latest creation from AIRBAG's resident installation artist, Kit Webster.

AXIOM breaks conventions by combining light, music, geometrics, animation and space to blur the distinction between what is 'illumination' and what is 'form'. It is deliberately conceived to challenge the biological limits of our senses.
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.51.07 am.jpgWebster describes the experience as "a combination of abstract choreography and an exploration into the interactions of digital and physical space, its relation to time and its effect on sensory perception - challenging our biological limits."

Utilising cutting-edge event technologies and construction techniques Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.50.51 am.jpgin unorthodox ways, this large-scale edifice of light is designed in an abstract archway configuration. This acts as a canvas for a sequence of custom animations and lighting movements that are specifically designed to follow the contours of the sculptural form.

Standing in front of the work, viewers can see the animation interacting with the structure, and can wander through and get up close and personal to experience the collision of sight and sound and really feel where animation and physical form interact.

The work is further enhanced by an evolving synaesthetic rhythmic soundscape - where stimulation of one sense leads to a response in another. It pulses in and out of phase with a hypnotic meditative overtone, paced to the movements of light.

Says Webster: "I like pushing the parameters of software and creating sequences that unfold from a stream of consciousness and then opening it up for people to walk inside it."

AIRBAG managing partner, Adrian Bosich couldn't imagine a more fitting forum for Webster's talent to be recognised at. 

Says Bosich: "Kit is prolific, and deeply interested in a diverse range of User Experiences. He's looking at projects which include kinetics, robotics, motion tracking, VR, projection mapping, holographic technologies, and flexible LED displays. He creates work that people are drawn to, and want to engage with."

AXIOM is on display at The Rocks, in Sydney from May 26th - June 17th.

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