Cannes Contenders: CHE Proximity

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Kiss - Noisy_light-CROPPED (1).jpgCochlear: The Hearing Test In Disguise
CHE Proximity

3.5 million Australians are living with some degree of hearing loss, but 85% of them have done nothing about it. Many are in denial; others simply dismiss it as part of growing old. How do you get those that are in denial, or don't know how bad their hearing is, to take notice? For Cochlear, the solution is to test their hearing, without them knowing. 'Does Love Last Forever?' is a short film with two different endings, depending on the viewer's hearing ability. It's a hearing test in disguise. The film follows a couple's relationship over four decades, and poses the question "Did love last? Was love lost" For those who can hear well, their relationship remains loving. But the film is scripted and produced in such a way that people with a hearing problem perceive the relationship to deteriorate. This subtle reminder demonstrates the effects of a condition that they may have refused to admit.
HotelsCombined Image 2.jpgHotelsCombined: Right Here Waiting For You
CHE Proximity

Whether the guesstimate of 187,000 hotels around the globe is correct, finding the best price on any one of the tens of millions of rooms available isn't easy. And with so many prices for the exact same room, searching for the best hotel deals online can quickly become a long-winded and frustrating task. This radio campaign follows a slightly discouraged inner monologue describe what it's like, tumbling down a never-ending rabbit hole of irrelevant information, misleading clickbait and pointless keyboard warrior reviews. Thankfully, when you're done with all that nonsense, HotelsCombined is right here waiting for you with the best hotel deals. Guaranteed.

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