Cannes Contenders: Y&R Melbourne

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

8e8db.jpgAustralia Post: Care packages
Y&R Melbourne

To remind Australians to send internationally with Australia Post, we targeted expats who miss home and got them to do our advertising for us. By listening out for them on social media, we surprised them with a box full of Aussie goodies on Australia Day.
Your Name Goes Here.jpgMonash University: Your Name Goes Here
Y&R Melbourne

To encourage the top 1% of high school leavers to accept their university scholarship offer, Monash did more than send them a letter. They renamed their university after them.

Lost Dogs.jpgLost Dogs Home: Wait with a Mate
Y&R Melbourne

This digital game of fetch for bored commuters allowed people to form a bond with a shelter dog that lasted long after they got home. 

ppboard 2 (1).jpgMonash University: Puzzling Posters
Y&R Melbourne

Budding engineers love a challenge, so when we gave them posters we didn't want to make them easy to read. These posters only make sense after a series of intricate folds are made.

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