Cannes Contenders: Y&R Brisbane

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Y&R Brisbane

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for advertising clutter. So Powerball decided to take a less traditional approach, taking over one of Australia's busiest airports to create one brave outdoor stunt. The gift-wrapped 80-seater private jet, combined with a snap-and-share promo, generated a wave of social media shares. Holiday-makers snapped and shared it, and coverage on prime time news helped reach 1.5 million people in just 24 hours.
SafelyBackPacks (1).jpgAustralian Road Safety Foundation: SafelyBackpacks
Y&R Brisbane

As students returned to school from holidays, the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) called on Brisbane drivers to slow down around school zones, as part of its latest road safety campaign - SafelyBackpacks.  The campaign saw students turned into powerful reminders of the importance of travelling at the right speed, sporting a 40km speed sign on their backpack.

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