Hahn SuperDry inspires young Aussies to 'Never Settle' in new web series via Sydney Stockholm

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.43.26 am.jpgAustralian beer icon Hahn SuperDry is launching a web TV series via specialist agency Sydney Stockholm, aimed to inspire young Australians to Never Settle - and find the courage to dive into their dream projects.

The web TV series, named 'Beer with an Entrepreneur', is an interview show that engages in one-on-one, in-depth conversations about entrepreneurship and building Australian businesses for the future.
Says Daniel Kjellsson, Sydney Stockholm: "We hope to create something more than a traditional campaign. Australia is a melting pot of great companies, ideas and inspirational entrepreneurs. Hopefully Beer with an Entrepreneur can collect some national wisdom for the long term and inspire the next generation of transformative companies."

Says Richard Spicer, marketing manager, Hahn: "Hahn's own story shows that when you never settle and push your own boundaries, great things can happen. This is our ethos which ensures we continue to evolve and stay relevant. Everyone has a business dream or idea they haven't explored or committed to. In Beer with an Entrepreneur we get to hear successful Australian entrepreneurs talk about not only their successes but more importantly their failures as well, how they struggled, evolved and fought through in the end. It's a great format."

Says Kjellsson: "Hahn SuperDry is an Australian entrepreneurial story itself. It's a great brand for us to partner with. The backbone of our show is that we're all mates sitting down, asking questions, telling stories and helping each other out. That also happens to be entertaining to watch and Hahn SuperDry is a good mate in the mix."

Beer with an Entrepreneur is launching with a 5 episode "season 1" and the audience will meet local entrepreneurs such as restauranteur and celebrity chef Luke Mangan, Paul Bennetts - the co-founder and CEO of tech superfund Spaceship, e-commerce juggernaut Jane Lu, canva.com co-founder Cameron Adams and rental home tycoon Justin Butterworth, whom sold rentahome.com to Fairfax for an estimated $29M.


Imissbeerads said:

When did Aussie beer advertising become so boring and rational?
This is rock bottom stuff.



it's all gone flat said:

the path of mediocrity is littered with once great Lion brands

Hammered said:

Ad Peeps need to get the fxck out of the inner west and find out what Australia is. This is so up it's own arse. A start up is not the dream of Australians. The way these interviews have been filmed make Current Affair look like quality journalism.

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