Jeff Goldblum tells Aussies 'Less Talk, More Eat' in brand new Menulog campaign via Y&R Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 7.31.42 am.jpgMenulog has today launched its new creative campaign via Y&R Sydney, featuring Jeff Goldblum, finally answering questions around what Goldblum was filming in Sydney last month.

The project sees the Hollywood superstar step into a new role as brand ambassador for Australia's leading food delivery service, with a range of content designed to intrigue and interest customers - including his initial stunt in a Sydney food-truck, delivering snags for experience.

INBOX621153935cdb2d0634b2d3f7e2b2af260facb.jpgKnown for his love of good food and quirky humour, Goldblum was a natural fit to front the campaign, which saw him on sunny Sydney shores filming short form content for for broadcast and digital channels. Goldblum found himself in a range of comedic scenarios where he urged Australians to have 'less talk' and 'more eat', but putting down INBOX621153935cdb2d0634b2d3f7e2b2af260facb-1.jpgthe phone and using Menulog's handy app. 

Says Tasman Page, head of marketing, Menulog: "We're so proud of this campaign and we think it's something that will really resonate with Australians. We've all experienced the pain of trying to order something over the phone and yet only 20 percent of us order INBOX62115a300e689cfa86cc8604a73c6cfaf4282 (1).jpgonline. We wanted to create a campaign that spoke to this issue in a really humorous and memorable way, and Jeff certainly helped us do that.

"Jeff's personality, in his unique sense of humour and openness, really allowed us to push the boundaries across all creative elements. His star status in everyday Aussie situations is a hilarious moment in itself, but when you add in the ingenious concepts from the team at Y&R you have a really exciting campaign.

Says David Joubert, ECD, Y&R: 'We worked around the clock since winning the business back in March, to secure two very talented professionals, in Director Jeff Low and Jeff Goldblum. We always knew that together, they would help us create a conspicuous campaign, that would capture Australia's attention and work its pants off for our client."

Menulog's new campaign aims to raise brand awareness and trial among new consumers, while driving frequency among existing customers with specials and loyalty discounts. The integrated campaign features a series of short films, radio and digital content, with Goldblum in different situations tailored to suit broadcast, out-of-home, digital and social platforms.

Rolling out nationally over the next three months, Goldblum will be showing Aussies all the different ways they can make their lives easier - and their mealtimes better - with discounts, freebies and more great stuff from Menulog. The first two TVCs are on screens now, with the next three to launch in the coming weeks. Aussies will also be treated to the unscripted musical stylings of Jeff in the radio advertising, which is on air now.

Check out the series here, with the Girls Night In and Game Night.

Y&R Sydney
Managing Director: Sasha Firth
Executive Creative Directors - David Joubert / Bart Pawlak
Copywriter: Nick Cole
Art Director: Pat Allenby
Agency Producer: Sam Yeomans
Planning Director: Waqas Tahir
Senior Account Manager: Max Bennett
Account Executive: Caitlin Thomas
Rabbit Content
Director: Jeff Low
Executive Producers: Alexandra Hay & Lucas Jenner
Producer: Alexandra Hay
DOP: Lachlan Milne
Offline: Adam Wills
Colourist: Scott Maclean
Grade and Online: White Chocolate
Sound : Peter McCorqudale

Menulog Sydney
Head of Marketing: Tasman Page
Digital Marketing Manager: Kia Petrenko
Head of Brand and Comms: Melissa Grech
Communications Manager: Lisa Brown
Creative Design Manager: Sotirios Karras

Byte London
Founding Partner: Alex Miller
Analytics & Paid Media Director: Michelle Yeadon
Account Planner: Marcus Tan
Account Planner: Zoe Goldsmith
Creative Planner: Louis Persent
Media Planner: Becky Caruana
Designer: Olive Tebby
Content Planner: Catherine Harding

Red Agency
Head of Technology: Anna Denby
Senior Account Manager: Jackie Holt
Account Manager: Sophie Muir 


C'mon said:

Shameless rip off of the AMV stuff for Currys PC World. Hang your head.

Bold Glum said:

I'm sure this will work it's socks off, celebs usually do, but the similarities between the Curry's Xmas ad are ridiculous.

Santa said:

and that's why you pay to have great talent....very funny.

Haha said:

Thought it was quite funny....Good onya

Shame said:

Great performance from Goldblum. Pity it's identical to AMV BBDO's work for Currys PC World

Not GOLDblum said:

I've seen some parodying in my time, but this is breath-taking. Did the brief say re-make the client's favourite ad?

Nearly said:

I'm sure this was a nice idea at one point. But to use the same actor of a very similar idea is a poor choice.

Curry's said:

Plagiarising hacks. Shame on you.

Fly said:

ebay and now menulog.......what's happening at M&C?

hmmmm said:

Unless you work at Y&R you really have no idea how these got made, but they really shouldn't have got up.

They are funny, sure. Punters will love em, sure.

But either the client said I want this Curry PC world ad but for my brand and I want Jeff Goldlum in them, or the creatives were 'inspired' by them.

You'd hope it's the former as the creatives involved are good enough to know better.

Either way it's not a good look and an agency should be able to convince a client that ripping off a campaign from another market is bad juju.

Look Beyond Your Nose said:

With all the to and fro about whether using Jeff Goldblum ia a copy of another ad, commenters have conspicuously failed to notice and applaud the strategic cleverness here - the proposition about not interrupting what you're doing to make a phone call is a genuinely good and differentiating idea. Goldblum just adds a nice layer of watchability and likeability.

Boo-urns said:


Jjw said:

Very Nice. Well done. It's a boring category that you've made interesting.

@Look Beyond Your Nose said:

Delete your account.

shameless said:

you deserve all the curry you're getting on here. i'd be suing.

Look Beyond Your Nose said:

Mmmm, @Look Beyond Your Nose, very cryptic. Care to climb down from your tower and share your thinking?

Fan said:

Yes! I love it - Well done Y&R and Menulog.

... said:

Would love to hear from someone at Y&R about this.

Were you forced to re-make the AMV work? I can't imagine you would have created this willingly. What did Jeff say when he saw the script?

Jeffing said:

Jeff Low meets Jeff Goldblum. Wish I was there

Santa's helper said:

@Curry ,@nearly, C'mon
Lighten up...we are just making ads to sell stuff.

@santas helper said:

go tell that to the people who worked so hard on the original, knucklehead.

Pasquale said:

Jeff's sense of humor is amazing and indeed quirky. He can be a great spokes person for any product

Sympathy said:

So many variables at play. Who knows why it ended up this way.

Thumbs up said:

Entertaining, funny and solid. Good spots. They’ll work their short shorts off.

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