Schmackos is still wacko in newly launched comeback campaign via DDB, Melbourne

Schmackos Duet.jpgAfter a two-year TV hiatus, the Schmackos brand is making a comeback in a new campaign via DDB Melbourne.

The campaign is based on a simple insight - while "Dogs Go Wacko For Schmackos" still rings true, treating your dog is pretty good fun for owners too.

Says Ben Culligan, marketing director, Mars Petcare: "Throughout the years the brand has been focused on the fun Schmackos treats unleashes for dogs - and rightly so.

"But dog owners also get a lot of joy out of treating. We wanted to bring this shared pleasure to life in a fun, creative and memorable way."

DDB Melbourne creative director Glen Dickson said the brief was to modernise the brand without losing the fun.

Says Dickson: "Feed your four-legged friend a Schmackos and you'll both feel the happiness. It's a fresh take on the old Schmackos work that we all know and love."

Client: Mars Petcare
Marketing Director: Ben Culligan
Marketing Manager: Kate Waite
Senior Brand Manager: Jess Hoare
Consumer & Market Insights Manager: Krishanie Perera
Assistant Brand Manager: Abby Veverka
Agency: DDB Melbourne
Managing Director: Dion Appel
Creative Director: Glen Dickson
Art Director: Becky Morriss
Copywriter: Locki Choi
Head of Broadcast: Sophie Simmons
Group Business Director: Lucy Haworth
Business Director: Luke Osborn
Executive Planning Director: Ian Forth
Planner: Paris Paphitis

Production Company: The OTTO Empire
Director: Christopher Hill
EP: Jo de Fina
Producer: Josh Butt
DOP: Ed Goldner
Production Designer: Lance Davis
Casting: Fiona Dann, Casting Sugar
Music Search: Level Two
Editing: Dan Lee, The Butchery
Sound: Colin Simkins, Gusto Studios


Dixon said:

What the hell are you guys smoking over there?

Leave this stuff to Old Spice said:

The kooky ship sailed back in 2012...

qt3.14 said:

The death kennel.

Someone save DDB Melbourne said:

What is happening over there?
How have things gone so wrong?
Why would you PR this?

shame said:

It worked better as a music video clip.

I love this brand. What a wasted opportunity to do something that appeals to dog owners.

Tina Pimples said:

WTF is wrong with you boring wanky commenters???! This is great. Well, I love it. So frickin' what if it has similarities to other things - doesn't everything? For God's sake get onboard. Get a life. Have a laugh. Jeez.

I'm dancing said:

It's simple but fun. Looks good. Song is catchy. Will stand out. Job done.
Hairy costumes are obviously nothing new but what is new?

yah yah said:

wow, a lot of resentful people in the comments section. geez, lighten up!

Dog owner said:

I can't relate. But dogs go wacko was good. I don't know what this is. The red room also removes any emotion or familiarity. Trying too hard guys. I'm sorry.

The blimp said:

Could have been better.

etch said:

lol at all the comments in here.
as if this wont appeal to the public.

another dog owner said:

lol at most of the previous comments.

fits the wacko brand positioning, will likely be remembered, trigger purchase, etc.

so job done, no?

Tick said:

Like it. The rest of you haters are boring AF.

Actual dog owner said:

I like it. Shows off some good dog training, which speaks to me. Stands out, it's different and it will work / be remembered.

On another note, we live in Asia FFS and the comments here just reinforce how we are fast becoming the most boring country out of all of them. Even Singapore. Piss off you white boy lamo's with your English sensibilities. Yellow skin will take your boring roast lamb and make it a mongolian. So long, ad boys!

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