The Pool Collective's 'POOL IX' exhibition opens tonight 6pm, Special Group Studios in Surry Hills

1.5-blue.jpgAs a featured exhibition of Head On Photo Festival,The POOL COLLECTIVE artists announce a new collection of work titled POOL IX, opening tonight at Special Group Studios in Surry Hills.

POOL IX is a culmination of original series from each of The POOL COLLECTIVE's seven artists.The exhibition will cross mutliple mediums, styles and themes, seamlessly integrated into the space.

One of the artists, Juliet Taylor's series Infant Joy focuses on two-week old newborns. The activity and movement of babies at this age are purely involuntary reflexes, and each baby's movements are individual. These movements are captured in Taylor's series, presented as sculpture-like forms unique to each baby.

Opening night: 6pm tonight, Friday, May 19
RSVP only:
Exhibition dates: 19-29 May
Venue: Special Group Studios, 270 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.02.00 am.jpgSays Taylor: "The madness of dressing babies up as flowers, in vegetables and as fluffy animals inspired me to consider a different approach. Instead I chose to capture them as they were brought into the world; naked and left to perform and react as they want to, without any prompting or direction.They have a special kind of awareness that is exposed by the camera."

Other series featured include Midnight Cloud of Sapa by Sean Izzard, Tears of Hine Hukatere by Simon Harsent, Inside Out by Christopher Ireland, The Tarkine by Krystle Wright, Untitled by Ingvar Kenne and Forgotten Idylls by Danny Eastwood.

The opening night event will start at 6PM tonight and is strictly RSVP only. Part 2 of the evening will feature DJ Jack Shit, refreshments by Young Henrys and dogs 'til midnight.

The POOL COLLECTIVE is a creative cooperative based in Sydney comprising of seven artists working in the mediums of motion and still imagery. The POOL artists are Danny Eastwood, Simon Harsent, Christopher Ireland, Sean Izzard, Ingvar Kenne, Juliet Taylor and Krystle Wright.

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